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  1. When changing map_cache it is necessary to recompile, for the emulator to recognize the new data from where the character will have action. BUT, this does not influence the visual mode. The visual mode is probably corrupted / missing these files.
  2. Just put all files in the data folder, or apply the corresponding grf with the application correctly in data.ini Apply weeMapCache to .dat to get the corresponding cells to walk or not. If the grf has complete or the files inside the data folder .. Everything goes well. Remember to recompile after changing .dat db / re or pre-re / map_cache.dat
  3. If you want to go deeper than hiding the function of rodex, a way to force the error when sending message ... I'll leave in code, an example restriction for maps .. but you can change it according to mapflags or as you wish.
  4. find in skill.cpp and choice your skills for dispell
  5. The correct thing is not to change, following the original line is always better. I never thought to change that, so I have no idea where it is.
  6. Basico do Ragnarok, cast fixo não se acumula. Fica o maior valor destacado. Quando se refere em porcentagem. No caso, se usar uma fenrir card que da 70% e uma carta que da 30% de redução de conjuração fixa, não ficará 100% .. ficará 70% pois é o maior valor. POREM, quando se usa redução fixa em tempo real, 0.1 0.2 0.3 .. os valores se acumulam e podem atingir 100% do valor da conjuração fixa. Sendo assim, poder usar rabo de gato, temporal boots e atingir 1 sec de conjuração fixa, sendo 100% do Sopro do Dragão. ------------- Ragnarok basics, fixed cast does not accumulate. It is the highest highlighted value. When it refers in percentage. If you use a fenrir card that gives 70% and a card that gives 30% fixed cast reduction, it will not be 100% .. it will be 70% because it is the highest value. However, when using real-time fixed reduction, 0.1 0.2 0.3 .. the values accumulate and can reach 100% of the fixed casting value. Therefore, you can wear cat tail, temporal boots and achieve 1 sec cast spell, being 100% Dragon's Breath.
  7. Altera o getitem do codigo por : for (int i = 0; i < @rewardamount; i++) { rentitem .rewardid,7200; }
  8. conf/char_athena // Restrict character deletion by BaseLevel // 0: no restriction (players can delete characters of any level) // -X: you can't delete chars with BaseLevel <= X // Y: you can't delete chars with BaseLevel >= Y // e.g. char_del_level: 80 (players can't delete characters with 80+ BaseLevel) char_del_level: 0 [ no lvl for delet ] // Restrict character deletion by email address or birthdate. // This restricts players from changing the langtype and deleting characters. // Defaults based on client date. // 1: Email address // 2: Birthdate // 3: Email address or Birthdate // IMPORTANT! // - This config only works for clients that send 0x0068 or 0x01fb for delete request. // - Use langtype 1 for newer clients (2013+), to use 0x01fb. // - Clients that are not using 0x0068 or 0x01fb, only use birthdate (YYMMDD) as default. char_del_option: 1 [ use email only ] // Restrict character deletion as long as he is still in a party or guild // 0: No restriction is applied // 1: Character cannot be deleted as long as he remains in a party // 2: Character cannot be deleted as long as he remains in a guild // 3: Character cannot be deleted as long as he remains in a party or guild(default) char_del_restriction: 3 [ leave party and guild ]
  9. Exactly what BeWan said, only change the source if the formula is wrong or if you want to prioritize some execution parameters. If it is huffing or nerding damage, I recommend using db / skill_damage and use @reloadskilldb to update without having to recompile every time to test the new source. Repute if I helped;)
  10. Você vai fuder tudo rsrsrs.. Só altere a formula no .c se a mesma estiver errada, ou vc queira fazer uma outra prioridade em como a formula vai ser vista, seja priorizando o HP, ou o ATK, ou o ATK a distancia .. Pra aumentar, apenas dando um @reloadskilldb, basta ir em db/skill_damage .. Você vai definir a skill, onde ela vai ser aplicada, e se aumenta ou diminui em %,, basta chegar no ponto certo.
  11. Use the grf editor, find on the internet the effect file corresponding to this skill that it will be applied to.