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  1. Would monsters be spawned for a test room form?
  2. There is the difference between defense and resistance. Defense has 2 types: Light and heavy. x + y Light defense, x: It acts by subtracting the total damage taken from the enemy. Heavy defense, y: It acts by removing%. The closer to 1000, the higher your def, reaching 1000 hard def, you will not take damage. === Resistance, reaching 100% of it, you should not take damage, damage is totally reduced by% and then deflected. Check the server, fire armor and summon an Ifrit. You will not be damaged as you have become the property of your opponent.
  3. @Ahoy if u enabled VIP SYSTEM ... or conf/login_athena
  4. in src/commom/mmo.h this is current version.. look your version and alter.
  5. This kind of message can sometimes be buggy depending on your exe version. Why not use one .. mes "blablabla"; close; or dispbottom "blablabla"; I believe dispbottom will have a cleaner idea for the user.
  6. In versions that received this update on the boot screen, staying in parallel windows, I have not seen [even changing the hexed diff, as in source, more than 15 possibilities of character creation] The server root will have 20 30 char creation possibilities, with its configuration obviously, but visually only the 15 patterns can be used.
  7. This is simple syntax error when adding new maps. Just view the files and see which parts are corroding. conf/maps_athena db/map_index
  8. Find: if ([email protected]_stat >= .max_stats) { and else if (([email protected]_stat+ [email protected]) >= .max_stats) { UPDATE: if ([email protected]_stat > .max_stats) { and else if (([email protected]_stat+ [email protected]) > .max_stats) {
  9. Ok! I would think it would work perfectly. I have no way to test now, soon after I can and I try to send you again.
  10. Try: 402,9,6,1,0,0x1,0,5,1,no,0,0,0,magic,0,0x0, PF_MINDBREAKER,Mind Breaker or 402,9,6,16,0,0x1,0,5,1,no,0,0,0,magic,0,0x0, PF_MINDBREAKER,Mind Breaker i can test now.. use /noshift too "/ns"
  11. re/skillDB/ skill ID // 04 inf (0- passive, 1- enemy, 2- place, 4- self, 16- friend, 32- trap) Select: 16 if u want alter damage, src/map/battle
  12. Procure pela function do espelho convexo, duplique com mini oss e re use.
  13. That's why I stopped giving any and all support! People think that here just come, ask and leave .. They do not thank, nor repay with the least our time, knowledge or goodwill. My projects are just for me! End. Toxic Comunity.