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  1. 20180620 does anyone else know why this is happening?
  2. Hey guys I was recently asked a question regarding Homunculus AI. In my server players are having a hard time getting their homunculus to do anything. Some players tried using MirAI and Azzyai and for some reason including myself cant get them to work in the server. If anyone knows a way to fix this please let me know. If you need any info of the server please ask away.
  3. how would i set this up to work from friday midnight and end on sunday midnight?
  4. chaos, Each rss feed is working if i input them seperate. It's when i want to show multiple rss feeds is when it's not working. It's still displaying one feed. How do I make it so fluxcp shows all my rss feeds.
  5. hey guys I have fluxcp all setup and running for my server but i cant seem to figure out how to display multiple rss feeds from the forums. Each rss feed is working if i input them seperate. I guess I just dont know how to code it in flux to display each need feed.
  6. Hey guys, I'm using the hunting_missions.txt and the quest_shop.txt script that came with my server files. they work perfectly but when i add items to the shop and go to apply the changes with @unloadnpcfile and then @loadnpc the shop doesnt load the items i put in there but shows the dummy shops item instead. The only way that I've been able to get it to load correctly is to restart the server. Is there a process I need to do before I do the @unloadnpcfile and @loadnpc for both these files without having to restart the server?
  7. prontera,145,199,5 script Game of Thrones 485,{ switch(select("Game of Thrones"){ <---------------HERE ONE CASE case 1: if (countitem(8966) < 1){ mes "your mes!"; close; } warp "verus03",248,170; end; case 2: <----------------HERE SECOND CASE close; }
  8. its be cause you only have 1 case when its made for 2
  9. I was just testing your script on my test server and every time i log into the server i get the next days reward. It also happens when i use the @ commands it will continue to give the next days reward. I didn't modify the script in any way. Does this happen to anybody else?
  10. Hey melv0 how would you make this script look for multiple items before warping the player
  11. Hey rizta, your method works great but one thing we noticed when testing is if you aren't within the the specified level and you try to use the item the item is consumed. Is there a way to make it so it's not consumed when you don't meet the requirements to use the item?
  12. Hey guys, Can someone help me figure this out... I want to make a consumable, a healing potion only usable between certain levels. For example I only want a character base level 15 - 50 able to use the healing potion. Is this possible if so please tell. Thanks
  13. Hey guys, I'm having a hard time creating my Installer for my server. The current program that I've used multiple times in the past is no longer working and failing to create the installer. What is everyone using these days?
  14. Hey guys, I want to move my test server over to a vps host. What OS and features would I need from the vps host to successfully migrate the server and be able to work/access from home. Also, will I run into issues if the test server is setup on a windows machine? P.S If someone is willing to lend a hand that would be highly appreciated Thanks in advance.