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  1. My issue is my Admin Menu Not working
  2. As The Title Said .. Is there Any chance??? im searching for it..
  3. Yeah i know.. but i want to make if that Arrow has been use and its keep in iventory so its will be unlimited.. is there any callfunc can do that? If the ammo has ID x, y, z ... getitem <x, y, z>, amount used; <<<< like that u said earlier..
  4. Sorry for the Bump.. Need Help so much.....
  5. // Are arrows/ammo consumed when used on a bow/gun? // 0 = No // 1 = Yes // 2 = Yes even for skills that do not specify arrow consumption when said // skill is weapon-based and used with ranged weapons (auto-guesses which // skills should consume ammo when it's acquired via a card or plagiarize) arrow_decrement: 1 yeah i know this type.. but i just wanna make those arrow and bullet Only... so other Arrow still need to be come like normal.. 1705 = Unlimite for silver,fire,wind,cursed arrow will be cosume.. if the user/player not carry enoghf of it .. its will be dead end for them.. so need to head back to town to buy more.. im searching for that kinda stuff
  6. As title says. i wanna Ask u guys how can i make This Arrow >>> Link << And This Bullet >>> Link <<< To be Unlimited... And just for this Arrow/Bullet Only.. but All the Other Arrow/Bullet still be like normal consume... 1750,Arrow,Arrow,10,1,,1,25,,,,0x000A1848,7,2,32768,,1,,1,{},{},{} 13200,Bullet,Bullet,10,1,,2,10,,,,0x41000000,7,2,32768,,1,,3,{},{},{}
  7. [Error]: buildin_callshop: Shop [Subshop0] not found (or NPC is not shop type)
  8. please Help me! script is ok! but when i click on ( BUY ITEM ) its Show error...
  9. How to change the sprite error?
  10. same to me.. got error An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact the admin.
  11. Why i got nothing since im login using admin account but still no admin menu! No admin menu to edit im using latest flux
  12. Streetz Ragnarok Online: We offer a High Rate Ragnarok Server to all players around to globe to be gathered into this one amazing community! We suggest to don't miss out this opportunity as we promise not to waste any of your time & effort that you will exert with us Website: http://www.streetz-ro.com/ Control Panel: http://www.streetz-ro.com/ Group FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/streetzro/ •AHK, WPE and Other third party programs are Bannable. •WoE Rewards (coming soon) •Active,Dedicated GMs - Willing to listen & improve. •Battle grounds (coming soon) with competitive WOE, and PvP •Lots of Fun, Exciment Event hosted by GMs •Over 50 headgear quests - Will be Updating more •No Overpowered Donations & Abusive GMs •Controlled WoE & Balanced Items •Special Rooms for BB MVP, PvP & New Quest. •24/7 Server Backup •PvP & Guild Ranking •Keep Update- NonDonor Customs EQ & MvPs Instant Job Changer Instant Job Changer (Full lvl) Max Level: 255(Base) | 120(Job) Max Stats: 255 Max Attackspeed: 190 Instant Cast: 150 Dex Multi Client: Enabled Grind Server Quest Npc Custom NPCs: PVP Area Gold Room Coin Trader Bloody Branch Room Additional Command Ingame: Commands: @warp @dailyreward @autoattack @hatredreset @woearea @relog And Many More! Donation Price : ::::RM30 For Each Set Costume:::: Server Rates: Þ - Exp Rates : Base: 1000x/ Job:1000x Normal Drop Rates: Common: 1000.00x / Healing 1000.00xUsable: 1000.00x / Equipment: 1000.00x / Card: 1000.00x Þ - Mini boss Drop rates: Common: 25.00x / Healing 25.00x / Usable: 25.00x / Equipment: 25.00x / Card: 25.00x Þ - MVP boss Drop rates: Common: 1.00x / Healing 1.00x / Usable: 1.00x / Equipment: 1.00x / Card: 0.05x Join us now and experience the most QUALITY high rate server of 2019
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