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  1. Actually there's nothing error after i add custom command @afk. But then i revert back to its original and it still gives me an error. Then i noticed theres a file missing as i mentioned above. I think those errors is related to achievement.c because i just copy and pasted the files from original github without modify the codes. But i don't know how to do it.
  2. Yes. I did that already. ./configure & make clean & make server But still error.
  3. Or you can follow this guide in details. I managed to add my @go for custom map by following this guide.
  4. Hi, I don't know if this is a correct section to ask but i really need help in here. I tried to insert custom commands and recompile the server but it gets me an error. Then i noticed that there's a missing file which is src/map/achievement.c and src/common/database.h and database.c. So i tried to copy and paste the original file from github. But it still shows me the error (refer photo). How can i fix this? Thanks
  5. Actually my rathena got file missing which is src/map/achievement.c. and src/common/database.c and src/common/database.h. Then i try to copy and paste those missing file from rathena github and i got this error. How to solve this issue? Thanks!
  6. now i detected my problem which is i dont have file achievement.c compare to original rathena (refer photo). i think i got misclicked and deleted that file. so how can i recover that file again? while im just copy and paste that file from original rathena to my client. it still gives an error after recompiled. do i need to configure anything?
  7. i tried to add custom command on atcommand.c and recompile the server but it gives me error. and then i revert back to my original atcommand.c and try to recompile again. but then it still gives me error. how can i fix it?
  8. hi, can share me the script? really nice mini game
  9. Nvm..i figured it out. Its on /config/application.php. PROBLEM SOLVED
  10. Hi, Currently im using Drawmove theme by @KamiShi. But the problem is my table button got extra words 'Label' (refer photo). How to remove that? Buttons all functioned normally. Only 'Label' words is the problem.. Thanks in advance.
  11. thanks Annie. u helped me a lot. all my problem solved.
  12. I made a little modify in my Disguise Event script. all worked as I wanted. but 1 problem is, when the event's triggered by OnClock that i setted, how to make the event's duration runs only for 40mins or automatically stop/end if no participants joined? current script now is when triggered, it never stop if no participants joined and can't be triggered again on next OnClock. im much appreciated with your help and here's my script disguise.txt
  13. thanks a lot Annie. the scripts worked. but got 2 questions : 1. is it possible for @mapmoblist only update the current mob on the map that is not including the one is died? eg : I use the command at prt_fild04. let's say I've killed a vocal in the map, then if I use the command again, vocal will not display on bottom chat until next respawn. 2. how to make @whosell search for vending items only? not cash items.