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  1. thanks Annie. u helped me a lot. all my problem solved.
  2. I made a little modify in my Disguise Event script. all worked as I wanted. but 1 problem is, when the event's triggered by OnClock that i setted, how to make the event's duration runs only for 40mins or automatically stop/end if no participants joined? current script now is when triggered, it never stop if no participants joined and can't be triggered again on next OnClock. im much appreciated with your help and here's my script disguise.txt
  3. thanks a lot Annie. the scripts worked. but got 2 questions : 1. is it possible for @mapmoblist only update the current mob on the map that is not including the one is died? eg : I use the command at prt_fild04. let's say I've killed a vocal in the map, then if I use the command again, vocal will not display on bottom chat until next respawn. 2. how to make @whosell search for vending items only? not cash items.
  4. thanks buddy! I'll try this out. if there's any issue,i'll update here later
  5. I mean sir,the event duration..for example, disguise event has started. and I want that event runs only for 40mins. after 40mins with or without participants, the event will automatically ends.
  6. so if using this,event will start every 40mins right? if that so, the event will clash with my other event script. I set onclock because want every event runs 1 by 1 sir
  7. Hi, how can I make the event runs only for 40mins? here's my current script that im using. disguise.txt
  8. thanks a lot Annie. I will try it out. and can u assist me with this? I got an error when recompile and I have no idea where's my mistake.
  9. @whosell at this thread : @mapmoblist at this thread : and this is my original atcommand.c file atcommand.cpp
  10. Hi, as title mentioned above, im trying to apply custom commands which is @mapmoblist and @whosell. but I got this error (refer picture). how to fix that? or, if anyone got a whole atcommands.c file with @mapmoblist and @whosell working, mind to share the files with me? im much appreciated. thanks in advance for your kindness.
  11. there's no line error. everything was fine when load the script. the error only showed up when u win the "Fabre Event". other event was fine without any errors. but I think there's something wrong with line '2371' in the script and I have no idea how to fix it. maybe u can try the script that I've attached.
  12. I've asked in owner's script post about the script error. but still no replies. so I decided and humbly to ask support here. I've got an error with "Fabre Event". after won the event,im stucked in the event's map. it didn't warp me out back to prontera and didn't get any event's reward. here, I attached screen shot and my script. wish someone can help me with the script. thanks in advance =] autoevent.txt
  13. thanks buddy for this awesome script..but I got this warning and error. how to fix this? (refer photo)
  14. thanks a lot for this awesome script! =D but got 1 problem here..i tried to put wrong answer using regular char..then it warped me to jail. working fine. while cooling down from 10 mins,i tried interrogate again and put the wrong answer,my char becomes frozen,silenced and invisible. but the things is,frozen and silence got cooldown. but not for invisible. seems like my char permanent invisible. already relog still got the same result. how to fix this? (refer photo)
  15. omg! it works. error1 and error2 solved. thanks buddy! error3 and error4 Im still finding the solutions