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  1. Hi, currently im using AnnieRuru's dota pvp script. The ladder works fine in game but in my fluxcp ranking, it shows same name with different stats (refer photo). The stats is correct btw. I think there's something need to be fix in pvpranking.php but i have no idea how to do it. Can someone guide me? Here's i attached the script. Thanks in advance. (module)pvpranking.php (theme)pvpranking.php
  2. Thank you master! Solved.
  3. Where to put this codes?
  4. // How the server should measure the character's idle time? (Note 3) // 0x001 - Walk Request // 0x002 - UseSkillToID Request (Targetted skill use attempt) // 0x004 - UseSkillToPos Request (AoE skill use attempt) // 0x008 - UseItem Request (Including equip/unequip) // 0x010 - Attack Request // 0x020 - Chat Request (Whisper, Party, Guild, Battlegrounds, etc) // 0x040 - Sit/Standup Request // 0x080 - Emotion Request // 0x100 - DropItem Request // 0x200 - @/#Command Request // Please note that at least 1 option has to be enabled. // Be mindful that the more options used, the easier it becomes to cheat features that rely on idletime (e.g. checkidle()). // Default: walk (0x1) + useskilltoid (0x2) + useskilltopos (0x4) + useitem (0x8) + attack (0x10) = 0x1F idletime_option: 0x1F Just a quick question. As the code above, the default set is 0x1F. What if I want to add Chat Request and Sit/Stand variables including that default 0x1F. What variables should it be? Thanks.
  5. Solved. Thank you Sir Emistry. but, just 1 more thing. what the use of this function? { callfunc("func_UpdateCampFire", rand(3, 10), 60, rand(5,15)); } because when i click the item, nothing happen. just display bottom messages (refer photo)
  6. I see your comments here, you're the one make false accusations dude. Why would i download herc version since im using rAthena emulator? Come on.. -.-
  7. Wait i dont get it. So u mean the script only for herc? I did add source code like u provide in the link. So that all for herc? Why would u posted herc script in ra forum? Lol -.-
  8. Hi, I need help about these 2 things: 1. I tried to use script called Campfire made by @Emistry. But I got this error. Can anyone guide me how to solve this issue? (refer photo). There is no error while recompiling or restarting server. The error only shows up when i try to trigger the script. 2. What does this mean "Info: Closed connection from '' (refer photo) Thanks guys.
  9. Thank you emistry. I will try that once i reach home.
  10. Hi, thanks for the reply. But the script didnt work. It still gives 100% success rate. But i figured it out and made a little modifications of your script and it worked Thanks mate
  11. i tried this steps but didnt work out. can guide me how? here's the script <!--<button class="g-recaptcha button is-block is-info is-medium is-fullwidth" data-sitekey="<?php echo $recaptcha ?>" data-callback="onSubmit" type="submit" value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('LoginButton')) ?>"> <?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('LoginButton')) ?> </button> --> <?php else: ?> <div class="field"> <label for="register_security_code"><?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('AccountSecurityLabel')) ?></label> <div class="security-code"> <img src="<?php echo $this->url('captcha') ?>" /> </div> <input type="text" name="security_code" id="register_security_code" /> <div style="font-size: smaller;" class="action"> <strong><a href="javascript:refreshSecurityCode('.security-code img')"><?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('RefreshSecurityCode')) ?></a></strong> </div> </div> <button class="button is-block is-info is-medium is-fullwidth" type="submit" value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('LoginButton')) ?>"> <?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('LoginButton')) ?> </button> <div class="field"> <div class="control has-icons-left"> <input class="input" type="password" name="password" id="login_password" placeholder="<?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('AccountPasswordLabel')) ?>"> <span class="icon is-small is-left"> <i class="fas fa-lock"></i> </span> </div> </div> <?php endif ?> <?php endif ?> </form> </div> </div> </div>
  12. Hi, may I know what error is this? And how to fix it?
  13. First of all, thanks to @AnnieRuru for this great script. Credit to her. I found this script somewhere in this forum and made a little modifications. But, just got 1 question. This script is 100% success rate, so how can i set the fail rate? Can anyone guide me. Thanks in advance! enchanter.txt
  14. Hi, In my vending info in flux cp, theres a table showed current vending player (photo 1) but, when i clicked at the shop, no items showed by the seller (photo 2). How to fix this? Thanks in advance guys
  15. Edit and change your npc script that using UNITTYPE to BL. Example 1: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],UNITTYPE_NPC,strnpcinfo(0)); to getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_NPC,strnpcinfo(0)); Example 2: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],UNITTYPE_PC,strnpcinfo(0)); to getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_PC,strnpcinfo(0)); BL_PC - Character object (default) BL_NPC - NPC object BL_PET - Pet object BL_HOM - Homunculus object BL_MER - Mercenary object BL_ELEM - Elemental object