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  1. hi, i got mine working. but some of the headgears showed upside down when wearing.. may i know how to fix this?
  2. noted. thanks alot mate for the explainations
  3. If i dont disable this, then my packet version date should follow this dummy date or original client date?
  4. ahh great! its working. sorry for that dumb questions. silly me. thanks dude! ^_^
  5. Hi guys! As the title above, my client date went wrong after diffed using nemo. Im using 20151104a ragexe and diffed using 4144 nemo What i do wrong? Refer photo Thanks
  6. ok mate. i will try it later and give the results. thank you so much! ^_^
  7. Hi guys! I got 2 problems here and requesting some help regarding this script. 1. Currently the points given are bound to character. How to make it bound to account so that if players change character, the pvp points are the same value. 2. Everytime players purchased the items using pvp points, it gives a warning said Itemdb 0 not exist. I believed that the warnings are from this script but I cant find where's the value to change. Thanks in advance pvp_points.txt
  8. ok mate. thanks alot for your help. and its working now. problem solved ^_^
  9. i set it to 40% but it still gives 100% success. or do i need to change this too? set .value, rand(0,100); // It will generate a value from 0 to 99 ..
  10. if i want to increase the fail rate to 40%, i just need to change this value right? if(.value >= 40){
  11. Hi guys, I need help with Euphy's ticker refiner script. Currently, the script is 100% success rate. How can I make there's a chance to fail refine and will not break the armor/weapons. But it still removes the ticket even failed. Can anyone help me with this script? Thanks in advance ticket_refiner.txt
  12. Wow! Thats really kind of you mate. I will try it. Thanks alot
  13. Hi, how u edit it? Please share your solutions here. Thanks!
  14. Hi, just a quick question. In basic warper npc that are provided in rathena, there is an option "Last Warp". So, is that possible to make basic mvp room got that option too which is "Last Summon"? If so, anyone can help me how to add such script? Currenty, im just using basic MVP Room provided in rathena.. Thanks in advance mvp_room.txt
  15. Hi guys! I have an issue which is I cannot up certain skills using skill points. But, if using @allskill command, I can use those skills normally (see attachment below). How can i fix this? The problem also happened on Lord Knight. Cannot up the Spiral Pierce using skill points. I've tried serveral solutions at previous topic that have this problems same as mine. But, none of them worked. Im using 2015-11-04a client date. Desktop 2020.01.06 -