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  1. Flux CP is a huge control panel with many files, and I wanted to know which files I should look at before opening it to the players. Where to edit permissions, is there a config file that is hard to find but is really needed before starting? If there is a guide can someone link me? Thanks for the trouble rAthena.
  2. Let me know what to post. Here are me 3 server status's. I can connect after typing my credentials. I can pick which server to enter into (my Server 0 Players) but can't see the character panel after that. I get DC from server while trying to lead to char server.
  3. Hello Looking for eAthena compatible clients to change from I use to now If anyone has links or dates to look up for a nice, stable client please let me know! I don't have friends to ask and/or the eAthena forums are down, forever? I know this is rAthena but I was hoping people would give me a break. Lets throw away these emulator barriers!! Thanks
  4. honestly i don't get it =/ Can anyone team view with me? I can probably pay, this is ridiculous lol
  5. I recently downloaded a local test server onto my computer not too long ago and tried to follow the steps provided by the rAthena wiki, YouTube video tutorial and the RO bible.pdf yet I have not had any success adding my map. Before commenting: -the file names have not been changed, they are the original names saved in browedit My Error? At first, I @warp'd to my map name, then i would crash before the map would even load. Now, the map cannot be found. I think my main problem is with the grf-files.txt but I can't say for sure. -The files are located in my data folder in the installer I made with: Data courtyard.gnd courtyard.rsw courtyard.gat db/map_index.txt //====================================================================================== // RO CUSTOM MAPS =3 //====================================================================================== courtyard 1250 grf-files.txt //----------------------------------------- // GRF List - Target your Grf Files //----------------------------------------- grf: C:\Program Files\Gravity\test RO\data.grf grf: C:\Program Files\Gravity\test RO\rdata.grf // You may add more in this format // grf: <data file path> //------ OTHERS --------------------------- // Data Directory (without the actual data\ though) // the below example would use C:\path\to\RO\data\ data_dir: C:\Program Files\Gravity\test RO\data Map cache: What I did was open my map_cache.gat in my db folder, added the courtyard.gat into my map cache and saved it. Rebooted local host server and yet map was not found.... If anyone could help me, that would be great, as this has given me a headache for the past 3 hours. Or Maybe Team View anyone? That could help! I would really appreciate it.
  6. Again, I apologize if this has already been asked/solved I'm looking for a place to host my flux CP without being charged at all if its possible. I just want to practicing designing flux CP themes for fun and Its pretty difficult because these are the problems ive been experiencing MySQL will never connect to FluxCP because 00webhost blahblah will not allow it without having to pay Is there a way to make it so It wont show MySQL logs/etc? I dont think I really need it. Unless theres a free site that will allow me to do it? Anyone? >_< its all for designing testing purposes >.<
  7. I'm sorry if the title was miss leading or if this is the wrong section, but my english isnt so good. I wish to learn that If i wanted to design a RO website for someone, what do I have to know? Im taking a HTML class at my uni and its been the 3rd day and I love it. In the future, what would I have to know to successfully code one for a RO site? All of this FLUX integration and stuff? I know CSS but PHP too? What do RO sites need? Sorry if i sound really idiotic im just so fascinated and very curious on how to code it correctly.
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