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  1. OMFG Olrox replied!!!! *Bows down in great honor that you even know I exist!* You are my idol, I wish I could be one day just 1% as good as you are!!
  2. I loved the Waterfall/ Dancer Statue Part. So amazing and inspiring! The Map somehow reminded me of Hello Kitty style which is fine if the owner wanted to have it that way xD
  3. Omg I totally forgot to upload the scripts xD I am going to do this ASAP (Got the request them from IT Department ) Sorry for the delay but I am currently working on an huuuuugeee Project and I can't wait to release it *_* 1 City with an 2 custom dungeon (4 Floors/ 2 Floors)), new Mobs, new enchants and 7 Field Maps! The Story of this new Episode Update will be based on Lighthalzen Bio Labs and Kiehl Quest. @bertpatz All Floor Textures are from the Episode ,,Glastheim - Journey to the past" which was released 2/3 weeks ago on kRO. Please make sure you got those files and if not update your kRO Clients!
  4. I also replied your PM I just checked some fild text and I have to admit that they are really messy! I have no clue what some fild warps from einbroch maps have to search in hugel_fild.txt!
  5. Lawl, my bad xD Yeah he is right. Pre-Renewal ein_fild01 connects to ein_fild02 of course. Renewal ein_fild02 got removed xD I edited it, my bad, sorry^^ You may need to check a few warps, since it looks like your warp.txt is renewal status. There are more warps/ maps missing probably. Unfortunately I do not have an pre-renewal warp.txt. --------------------------- FYI: Removed Maps and Map Changes - The following maps have been removed either temporarily or permanently as part of scaling the game world. In testing, the warps to access these maps were non existent and gravity marked these maps as removed. gef_fild12 gef_fild14 pay_fild05 pay_fild11 cmd_fild05 yuno_fild05 yuno_fild10 hu_fild03 hu_fild07 ein_fild02 ein_fild10 ra_fild02 ra_fild07 ra_fild09 ra_fild10 ra_fild11 ra_fild13 ve_fild01 ve_fild05 um_dun01 um_dun02 - The village of Umballa now directly connects to the yggdrassil tree roots. - The map ein_fild01 now connects to ein_fild03. - The map ve_fild04 now connects to ve_fild06. - The entrance to the 'Ant Hell' dungeon has been moved from moc_fild20 (Crack of Dimension) to cmd_fild08 (East Fortress Saint Darmain).
  6. STATUS PRE-RENEWAL: ein_fild01 is suppose to warp to: BOTH sout exits: -> ein_fild02 TOP Right exit: -> yuno_fild05 TOP Left exit: -> cave Edit this here: http://rathena/trunk/npc/warps/fields ------------------ Please notice that with Renewal the warp ein_fild01 -> yuno_fild05 got removed ------------------ For future reference: Worldmap I hope I was able to help you!
  7. The Custom System can but usually do not offer Effects. But yes, it could be used as a backdoor to implement this ,,Look like you want with the effect you need" for older servers without changing their complete Donation System
  8. Here is the Link
  9. Can I make babies with you please? I wish I would be as good as you are and being able to make my own models...
  10. They should! Cause some of those mappers are faaaaar better then there own ones (Looking at Olrax)
  11. No he has not shown me the letter, we do not live in the same country. As far as he said he was suppose to pay it via Western Money or something oO? Kk, so it is likely a joke or scam. I am still curious though how this ,,lawyer" found out his real Adress *laughs*
  12. No Camera Bugs ingame. We just teste in and had a BLAST TIME killing us xD Actually its quite funny. Sometimes you can use the camera/ zoomfactor as a strategy! I think I am going to add some skeletons and a permanent Spawn of non-killable-non-aggro Zombie's with 999.999.999 HP for decoration
  13. Hey guys, I would like to show you something special I am currently working on. What I am going to show you now is a ,,Preview" cause the Map isnt done yet and I am still adding some more details here and there ^^" So far, the map is planned to be an PvP Map and once its finish I will release it for free^^ ---------------- You CAN walk on the Streets and between the Houses! You CAN also hide behind Cars to avoid Attacks from Ranger and co, however you CAN NOT hide from Magic behind Cars! You CAN get sniped from the lower level if you are standing at the cube! There is a small chance that the Teleporter (See that huge think looking like its from the 25th century) on one of the big houses. Enjoy sniping while being on there! ~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE leave a comment to tell me if you like it or not. PLEASE do NOT puke on my Topic, I would rate that as cruel! I find this Map fugly but somehow interesting. Like an accident with several injured person. You do not wish to watch but you can't look away either Screenshots:
  14. Can you rewrite that in English please oO? You may find it easier to find help in the russian support section:русский/