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  1. I asked for this because i tested items that give player damage reduction, such as Feather beret and Combat knife. Both of them have bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player and RC_DemiHuman in their script but the damage reduction only applies for demihumans. damage coming from summoner class is not reduced is this intended? i use git hash c5ceda03f for valuable information
  2. Hi is this already in rA? if it is, can someone be so kind to link the revision? i want the damage from doram class reduce by items that contain this bonus2 bSubRace,RC_PLAYER,x; (not the same as having doram class traited as demi-human, i know this is an option and i don't want this) thank you in advance!
  3. +1 i tried this in 2017-05-17aRagexeRE and it instantly crashes when you go up the 27th style
  4. Hi im using 20160203, rA c5ceda03f i've recently added a few hats in my server, like white rabbit and shiba inu (animal pet costumes) my problem is that for summoner class the .act of these hats is not adapting to the job I looked into the grf and found these folders in data.grf so, since these kind of costumes are working fine on the baby class, my question is how do i make the client read from these particular folders in the grf? is there any trick to fix this? the folder contains the animal costumes im talking about and it seems they are the correct .act files but somehow they are not being read by the client or not working properly for the summoner class
  5. Hi okay first of all i really did a thorough search in the forums and google about this and i found a lot of topics that shows how to add icons in mini map (towninfo.lub), remove icons from npc heads (lua files/signboardlist.lub) and so on.. the thing i'm asking is how to add my custom map in luafiles514/lua files/navigation so i can use the script command 'navigateto' freely like in any other official map these files are huge and i tried modifying a few things without getting any results is there any guide or topic related to this? i didnt find any consistent information. id really appreciate if someone could point me where to read or share a link about this matter thank you!
  6. thank you very much function counting sort is so usefull
  7. Hi i'm trying to make an event script where you are suposed to kill monsters, after all monsters die the event ends and the top 3 killers are announced to the map can anyone help me doing this? i have this label so far (yes this is all i have XD) //set .status,1; //when event starts //OnInit: //set .mob,20; //set .reward,501; //set .amount,3; //monster .... OnMobKilled: set .mob, .mob - 1; getitem .reward, .amount; if (.mob) announce "["+strcharinfo(0)+"] has killed one monster!",bc_map; else { announce "event has finished! winners are /* PLAYER NAME WHO KILLED THE MOST.*/ with /* KILLS FROM THAT PLAYER*/",bc_map; set .status,0; } end; thank you!
  8. Rolf

    Help me about dialog box for conversation

    20160203 for me
  9. Rolf

    Help me about dialog box for conversation

    it happens to me too, i use rA on any NPC and randomly (warper, healer and kafra so far) i havent been able to reproduce it yet and tell under which circumstances occur i found this probably just wait until is fixed?
  10. Hi i'm trying to set up the verification mail and password recovery via mail system in fluxcp, no luck so far ive tried several things including setting 'MailerUseSMTP' = false i tried using SSL option since i have SSL installed but nothing changes i read a few topics about this but i think i have the right configuration... yet it is not working when trying to send confirmation the page says "Could not send e-mail please contact administration..." etc. these are my configs, this is not google mail and i can confirm that is my correct smtp host since i use it for other things like forums, etc, and works just fine 'AllowDuplicateEmails' => true, // Whether or not to allow duplicate e-mails to be used in registration. (See Mailer config options) 'RequireEmailConfirm' => true, // Require e-mail confirmation during registration. 'RequireChangeConfirm' => true, // Require confirmation when changing e-mail addresses. 'EmailConfirmExpire' => 48, // E-mail confirmations expire hours. Unconfirmed accounts will expire after this period of time. 'PincodeEnabled' => false, // Whether or not the pincode system is enabled in your server. (Check your char_athena.conf file. Enabled by default.) 'MailerFromAddress' => '[email protected]', // The e-mail address displayed in the From field. 'MailerFromName' => 'Server', // The name displayed with the From e-mail address. 'MailerUseSMTP' => true, // Whether or not to use a separate SMTP server for sending mail. 'MailerSMTPUseSSL' => false, // Whether or not mailer should connect using SSL (yes for GMail). 'MailerSMTPUseTLS' => false, // Same as above SSL setting, but for TLS. This setting will override the SSL setting. 'MailerSMTPPort' => 25, // When MailerUseSMTP is true: SMTP server port (mailer will default to 25). 'MailerSMTPHosts' => '', // When MailerUseSMTP is true: A string host or array of hosts (e.g., 'host1' or array('host1', 'backuphost')). 'MailerSMTPUsername' => 'username', // When MailerUseSMTP is true: Authorized username for SMTP server. 'MailerSMTPPassword' => 'password', // When MailerUseSMTP is true: Authorized password for SMTP server (for above user). the debug mode shows this error Notice: Accessing static property Flux_Mailer::$errLog as non static in /var/www/html/lib/Flux/Mailer.php on line 21 Notice: Accessing static property Flux_Mailer::$log as non static in /var/www/html/lib/Flux/Mailer.php on line 22 Warning: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): Peer certificate CN=`' did not match expected CN=`' in /var/www/html/lib/phpmailer/class.smtp.php on line 368 any ideas? thank you
  11. Rolf

    Sader's Paid Services

    +1 recommended fast~, friendly and efficient, he's always online and explain with detail the things he do. very good service hoping to get more deals with this scripter
  12. Hi this is hard to explain, i've recently started to notice that the minstrel skills in my server have no effect in other players 'Apple of Idun' doesn't give any hp increase but it heals other players correctly 'Poem of Bragi' doesn't give any cast reductions, not variable and fixed what i've done so far - dancer skills work, 'Service for you' increase sp correctly, etc - renewal cast is enabled, I don't want to disable it and I don't think this has something to do with the issue - i haven't touched any script form database, skill_castnodex_db is default - skill.cpp is not modified, songs formula is default - songs are not working in all maps (i tried in pvp and dungeons and failed) - exe is 20160203 main problem is that they don't give status chance/effect in other players and i don't have any errors in console or game question is: anyone knows where can i check this? maybe i'm missing a .conf file? EDIT: this was an error with a personal customization, you can close this sorry for the inconvenience
  13. Rolf

    hoai not working in 20160203?

    i solved it a few hours ago this was the issue: and for the record i tried google before posting here @[email protected]
  14. Hi I'm currently using 20160203 and apparently /hoai is not working, I tried azzyai 1.54 and 1.55, agro and neutral configs, and nothing... can anyone help? maybe i'm doing something wrong here or miss a configuration