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  1. how to use SCREEN to listen to servers

    thank you! I have another doubt with screen how do I change the scrollback size? this is what I've done so far screen ./athena-start start CTRL+a : scrollback 10000 but doesn't seem to change anything I read you can change the default lines that screen shows in .screenrc but idk how to do it, where do I add the line default scrollback?
  2. Hi I'm trying to see my rAthena servers in the console without restarting the server YES, I know there are a lot of topics about this. YES, I read the wiki my questions are 1.- how to make the attachment permanent? after I log out from putty screen turns off and it loses the attachment, so when I log in again I have to restart the server anyways 2.- how are you supose to use it
  3. totally missed that thank you! what about the #variable? I read it store the value in a table does it consume too much of server resources? long term speaking i.e. 1000+ accounts or how does that work? thank you again
  4. hi I want a welcome message to new players console shows: Fatal error! player not attached! and I have 2 questions prontera,3,3,3 script Welcome 111,{ end; OnPCLoginEvent: if (!#newbie) { sleep 3000; message strcharinfo(0),"welcome to the server, let me point this place to you"; sleep 3000; viewpoint 0,167,167,1,0xFF0000; set #newbie,1; } else end; } 1.- how can I solve this 2.- will the permanent variable add too much load to my server? thank you!
  5. Problem with OnClock

    - script GPtsRst -1,{ end; OnClock0000: switch(gettime(4)) { case 1: query_sql "UPDATE `guild_points` SET `total_points`=0"; query_sql "UPDATE `gid_points` SET `ind_pts`=0"; break; } end; } not sure if this works, but maybe it gives you ideas?
  6. Hi I'm trying to add the summer2 suit not sure if it's added already to rAthena, I didn't find it in github with the name summer or summer2 so I apologize if it has another name and this post is redundant I am aware of the script changebase too but that's not what i'm looking for since I want to create an item that change the suit for you, like the other xmas, summer, etc. for a X amount of time, you cannot use skills with it, you have the option to block changing palettes, and so on... the exact same rules from the other suits can someone help me? or point me where to look so I can do it myself? I'm a little afraid of playing too much with the src because it might work but I won't know if I did it correctly or not
  7. yes I am using zack data files any chance you could share your exe so I can test it in my server? could any of you recommend me any 2017 client so I can test? I've tried a few already with no luck thank you in advance edit: after a few tests I can say that this client seems also broken (to this day) throws random palette errors everywhere of non existing palette names. I tested my old 2016 client and I didn't have any issue, but 2017 just keep crashing to different palettes with random names on it hope it helps to someone
  8. Hi I'm testing 2017-01-25 in my server because I want baby summoners and expanded so far it is a pretty stable client for me but I ran into 1 error everytime I click in RODEX button from panel it goes "Client stopped working" and close. any ideas? - I added the 20170125 in src/custom/defines_pre.h - I used latest Nemo - no other related error just this, no errors in console If this post belongs to 2017-01-25 release topic please move it, I feel this is a particular case more than a general error tho
  9. Hi I'm trying to make a short quest similar to satan morocc After you get the quest 1234 in prontera you can now talk to the NPC that summons the MVP in prt_fild08 (whatever map) the spawner checks if you have the quest 1234 and if the delay is not less than 1 hour between the last time it was killed NPC summons the MVP and if you kill it gives item 920 (not part of the common drop) to all party members, sets the delay 1 hour for all players in the map you go back to prontera and if you have item 920 it complete quest I read npc/quests/quests_morocc.txt but it's too long and a bit tough to understand for my potato head I saw a lot of topics in the forum too but they talk about auto spawns and minigames and modifying mob_db can someone help me on this? make it like really short and simple thank you
  10. I changed the value in config/application.php AND the page CMSnewsRSS and nothing happens I went into my theme in eADevconfig.php and tried in every xml code that said rss, nothing changes tried in index.php in main folder from my theme and changed the value from '$rss->' and added rAthena news feed, it loads a bunch of random letters without any format (goes out of the page) thanks for the help, i give up. you can close
  11. Hi I'm trying to put RSS news feed in my fluxcp. I have IPboard 4.2.5 I tried doing settings > content discovery > create new I get this but not sure where to put it <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>Last news and updates</title> <link> </link> <description>Last news and updates asd</description> <language/> <item> <title>jkdasjkhasd</title> <link> </link> <description> <![CDATA[ <p> adsads </p> ]]> </description> <guid isPermaLink="false">11</guid> <pubDate>Fri, 19 Jan 2018 10:51:00 +0100</pubDate> </item> </channel> </rss> I also follow these (not working) (added to application.php and not working) also modified themes/default/main/index.php (nothing happens) I'm like super confused @[email protected] could someone help me here?
  12. Hi So ... this is a little hard to explain... I'm using 20160203 I own 2 computers and I'm testing new palettes and some weather effects. After puting them in the grf I decided to copy the whole client folder and paste it in my secondary PC Then, I started the game in both, created 2 chars from 2 different accounts and tested how the palettes and effects behaved. It gets weird when I change to certain palettes because in one screen I see it (in example) Blue .. and in the other screen I see the exact same palette Green Setting off a weather effect in one screen and in the other it's still running What is happening? Can someone explain this to me? Pd. Server it is not in any of these computers
  13. Technoken Services

    very friendly and responsive to the task I requested. sometimes that's all you need and not just how fast you get it provided support after the delivery too, nothing else to say 5/5 stars
  14. 3rd Job Aura (lvl 175)

    Hi In this topic Olrox talks about which files you need to edit to change the level 175 yellow aura (almost at the end of the page 1), if you don't want any aura just make sure you don't delete them! Also, as a aura-hater, I found this very helpull if you want to try different colors or disable completely the 3rd job aura. Watch out tho, some files from the aura also are used by skills, i.e. severe rainstorm (not sure which tho) There's a lot of info you type 'aura' in the search engine too, people sharing free aura textures and so on. Hope it helps
  15. How to increase weight

    I followed this and worked for me at least