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  1. Innos

    Nur 1x @go Befehl

    Ich danke dir Cyro.
  2. Innos

    Nur 1x @go Befehl

    Hi, bei mir gibt es für Spieler kein @go. Jedoch würde ich gerne 1 Town mit @go 0 zB freigeben ohne das die anderen Towns mit @go möglich sind. Gibt es da einen einfachen weg? Oder muss ich alle Towns aus der Source raus nehmen und nur die eine drin lassen?
  3. Innos

    guild house rental from eathena?

    Take this, this are the Maps from the Script. More i haven't. house.grf
  4. Works perfectly, you are my hero. Thanks Emistry
  5. //=============================================================// // Daily Card for Online User // //==== Copyright ==============================================// // Innos '2017 for // //==== Version ================================================// // V.1.0 - Testversion // //==== Infos ==================================================// // Special daily Event for Daily Card from 12a.m. to 10p.m. // //=============================================================// - script Daily Card -1,{ Onclock1125: Onclock1130: Onclock1135: Onclock1140: .onlineusers = getusers(1); announce "[Day Card] : "+.onlineusers+" Player online!",bc_all,0xFF6060; if(.onlineusers < 5) { announce "[Day Card] : Zu wenig Spieler Online für eine Auslosung!",bc_all,0xFF6060; } if(.onlineusers > 5) { announce "[Day Card] : Es wird eine Zahl von 1 bis 9 gewürfelt, liegt sie unter "+.onlineusers+" kommt es zur Auslosung!",bc_all,0xFF6060; set .dailynumber,rand (1,9); announce "[Day Card] : Die Zahl ist: "+.dailynumber+"!",bc_all,0xFF6060; if (.dailynumber < .onlineusers) { announce "Karte wird ausgespielt!",bc_all,0x81BEF7; query_sql "SELECT `account_id` FROM `char` WHERE `online` = '1' ORDER BY `account_id` ASC",[email protected]; if([email protected]){ end; } for(set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { set [email protected],[email protected]; } set .rand3,rand([email protected]); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) { if (attachrid([email protected][.rand3])) { getitem 501,1; } } //why the users get the item value from usersonline count? they should only get one item -.- announce "TEST TEST TEST KEIN GEWINN//Der Gewinner der Day Card "[email protected]$+" ist "+rid2name([email protected][.rand3])+"! Gratulation!",bc_all; // query_sql ("INSERT INTO `daily_card` (time_created,nameid,item_name,account_id,char_name) VALUES (NOW(), '"+.items+"', '"[email protected]$+"', '"+.rand3+"', '"+rid2name([email protected][.rand3])+"')"); end; }else{ announce "Karte wird leider nicht ausgespielt!",bc_all,0x81BEF7; end; } } //OnInit: // if (gettime(4)==0){ set .items,501; set [email protected]$, "Sonntag"; } // if (gettime(4)==1){ set .items,501; set [email protected]$, "Montag"; } // if (gettime(4)==2){ set .items,501; set [email protected]$, "Dienstag"; } // if (gettime(4)==3){ set .items,501; set [email protected]$, "Mittwoch"; } // if (gettime(4)==4){ set .items,501; set [email protected]$, "Donnerstag"; } // if (gettime(4)==5){ set .items,501; set [email protected]$, "Freitag"; } // if (gettime(4)==6){ set .items,501; set [email protected]$, "Samstag"; } // end; } //SQL for Log /* DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `daily_card`; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `daily_card` ( `time_created` DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `nameid` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `item_name` VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', `account_id` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `char_name` VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', PRIMARY KEY (`time_created`) ) ENGINE=MYISAM; query_sql ("INSERT INTO `daily_card` (time_created,nameid,item_name,account_id,char_name) VALUES ('NOW(), "[email protected]+", '"[email protected]$+"', '0', '0')"); */ //=============================================================================== I have a problem with my script. The Online User who wins becomes more than 1 Item. Why? I want that the User become only 1. In this Test it's a Red Potion. The Winner becomes so many Red Potion are Users Online. If 10 Users online he becomes 10. This Script should a simple Roulette. At a Full Hour he dice, if the Dice under the Online Count a random Online User becomes a Item. Very Simple. But it don't work correctly. What's my failure? ignore the SQL entry's, this only log for later.
  6. Innos

    guild house rental from eathena?

    I have an Old Script from 2009, don't know you can need it. It's translated to German and i mean its very Out of Date. house.rar
  7. Innos


    oh, no. you see the Update Server with the paket edit. The Life server i don't have edits the pakets. only pakets.h i use visual studio 2017 the rA git is from 29.10.17
  8. Innos


    OK i have changed back to #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20170517 #endif #ifndef PACKETVER_RE /// From this point on only kRO RE clients are supported #if PACKETVER > 20151104 #define PACKETVER_RE #endif #endif ========== Alles neu erstellen: 9 erfolgreich, 0 fehlerhaft, 0 übersprungen ========== but the red marked entry with no declaration are the same. The exe works, but i mean its not really right what im doing.
  9. Innos


    I think so many reds are not okay, or? Have i made a misconf? Server with the new exe runs not good but okay, we can play with here.
  10. Innos

    Rodex Question

    Hi, it is possible for an Admin to Send a Rodex Mail to all Player?
  11. Innos

    Intro Map for Renewal Novice Get Stuck

    Sorry hendra814, i mean this not for your stuck Problem, i thinked the problem solved for player, and my post was the answer of his first picture. Not really seriously.
  12. Innos

    Intro Map for Renewal Novice Get Stuck

    It's a Feature, not a Bug. You need only more imaginaton. Now the Novice starts as survivor, the Boot is capsized on the rough lake. You are alone and hungry, all arround only water. You must swim or die. *jokeoff*
  13. Innos

    VIP System?

    Okay, danke für die ausführliche Aufklärung. Wieder etwas schlauer geworden heute
  14. Innos

    No Guild Emblems on FluxCP

    'MissingEmblemBMP' => 'empty.bmp', 'ForceEmptyEmblem' => false, 'EmblemCacheInterval' => 0, 'SessionCookieExpire' => 48, 'GzipCompressOutput' => false, 'GzipCompressionLevel' => 9, 'OutputCleanHTML' => true, 'UseCleanUrls' => false, 'DebugMode' => false, 'UseCaptcha' => false, // temporary disabled 'EnableReCaptcha' => false, 'DisplaySinglePages' => true, There's the config from application.php OutputcleanHTML i have set to true. @BTNX No, i hope it's only a bad configured Flux or wrong Permission. The Problem comes befor i upgrade my ph version. But a reinstall from php-gd i can try in few days. I used Flux and Pictures works fine on php 5.6 -> I change the path from flux. from de folder to main folder http 'ServerAddress' => '', // This value is the hostname:port under which Flux runs. (e.g., or 'BaseURI' => '/de', to 'BaseURI' => '', I set the permission for the folder. Have update the flux with turtoise from github. After this all i see see the page runs good, only the emblem and captcha images don't show. 2 days later i upgrade my PHP from 5 to 7. All works fine, little bit faster, only the problem with the emblems remained. So i mean, the problem started before upgrade the php. only the changes from the path and update from fluxcp was in the time.
  15. Innos

    No Guild Emblems on FluxCP

    Hi, i don't know what i have done wrong. Since few Days my Flux don't show the Emblems and my Captcha. Before it's works perfectly. Today i have Change my PHP from 5.6 to 7.1, but my Problems are not gone. I have at both, Captcha and Guild Emblems a broken picture. Have i set wrong permissions? Fast CGI Prob or zlib? I think i need your professional help again. Thanks in advance.