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  1. Hi JayPee, I have successfully installed your addon, however I'm having problems with it, while testing the registration it redirects me to my facebook account page which is normal and accepted the requirements, however after hitting the Continue, It loads slowly and stopped with an error page "Too Many Redirects" can you help me with this? my create.php code below: <?php if (!empty($error)): ?> <p class="red" style="font-weight: bold"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($error) ?></p> <?php endif ?> <center> <div id="fb-root"></div> <script> window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({ appId : '***************', status : true, cookie : true, xfbml : true, oauth : true, }); }; (function(d){ var js, id = 'facebook-jssdk'; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js = d.createElement('script'); js.id = id; js.async = true; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js"; d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(js); }(document)); </script> <div class="fb-registration" data-fields="[ {'name':'name'}, {'name':'username', 'description':'Enter Username', 'type':'text'}, {'name':'email'}, {'name':'password'}, {'name':'birthday'}, {'name':'gender'}, {'name':'captcha','description':'Enter Security Code'}, <?php if (count($serverNames) === 1): ?> {'name':'server','description':'Server','type':'select','options':{<?php echo "'".$session->loginAthenaGroup->serverName."':'".$session->loginAthenaGroup->serverName."',"; ?>}}, <?php endif ?> <?php if (count($serverNames) > 1): ?> {'name':'server','description':'Server','type':'select','options':{<?php foreach ($serverNames as $serverName): echo "'".$serverNames."':'".$serverNames."',"; endforeach ?>}}, <?php endif ?> ]" data-redirect-uri="ragnarokphilippines.ml/?module=account&action=create&fb_return=return"> </div> </div> </center>
  2. Hi, I successfully applied this script to my rAthena server emulator, however when the players is being idle let's say after login the recaptcha activates but players went idle for 20 seconds no movement and anything, the recaptcha script itself is being vanished or gone and they can just close the Dialog without passing the recaptcha script, in that case the script itself is useless, is there any help here that can do fix this issue? NOTE: I already disabled and also tried to configure my secure.h file from my server but it still not taking effect, is their any alternative script that bypass the embedded NPC Timeout/Script Timeout. START: PASSED: If there is any help, we highly appreciate it! =)
  3. @Erio-Chan Hi thank you for your reply, I have already placed all images in my custom.grf file, however the reward table only appears when you claimed your rewards, I want to make it every character login it will appear can you help me with that? do you think I'm right with importing my images?
  4. I have properly installed the script, however I don't know How to integrate the PSD with the Script, can you help me to install the PSD properly? and where we can see the PSD images if the script is totally running? should it be seen on in-game interface? or should it be seen on our Official Website using FluxCP I hope you can save my time with your works, This is really highly appreciated!
  5. Hi, I've downloaded ZelosAvalon's "Ragnarok Online Daily Reward" URL: https://www.midgard-community.com/forums/files/file/341-ragnarok-online-daily-reward/ and I've successfully installed the scripts into our server system, 100% totally working, however. How can we integrate their provided PSD, I don't know if its applicable to integrate into our Website https://www.ragnarokphilippines.ml/ or shall it be integrate with in-game interface? If someone know how to properly install this feature that would be highly appreciated, I hope someone can save my time working with this feature, and I hope this can be integrate and viewable in our Website I'm currently using FluxCP for Control Panel, rAthena server for server system Thank you and Best regards, Cianna Fernandez Ragnarok Online Philippines (Manila Server) https://www.ragnarokphilippines.ml/
  6. Hi thank you for your help guys, actually I already made a solution with this concern, and I'm sorry If I made a spammed post, This request is solved.
  7. Is there a way to change the table of 'donation credits' which is currently pointed to 'cp_credits' table, because I have a vote for points addon and I want to use my 'cp_v4p_voters' table where column 'points' instead of using 'cp_credits' table where column 'balance when purchasing an item to our Online Item Shop, so that every time my clients vote for our server they earn credits to buy to our Item Shop. Please Help.
  8. Hi there randell1993 As of now our clients are able to exchange their Vote Points using our "Points Manager" because we have lots of NPC Seller which sells Items that Involves CashPoints, however I want my clients to have options If they want to avail our for sale Rare Items located at our Item Shop in our website, 1st Option: they have to exchange their Vote Points into CashPoints currency to buy In-Game Items that Involves CashPoints. 2nd Option: they have to exchange their Vote Points into "Donation Credits which is related to cp_credits table" in order to buy Items in our Website Item Shop. Also I really have no Idea how to modify the vote for points addons, Can you help us if you think this was easy for you? Thank you randell1993
  9. Hi, My FluxCP is working just fine, however can I request some few changes regarding to my Item Shop current currency instead of "Donation Credits" can someone taught me how to make it lookup with my clients "Vote Credits" or "Cashpoints" I'm adding Rare or Custom Items to my Control panel to sell it for "Vote Credits" or "Cash Points" that's all nothing else, because we do not support a Donation Feature this server is no money involve. We highly appreciate whoever quickly response and should you wish to be added to one of our contributors list. Cianna Fernandez Ragnarok Online Philippines (Manila Server) https://www.ragnarokphilippines.ml/
  10. Is there anyone here have knowledge to prevent lower gm levels to create another character? What I am aiming here is to prevent my elected GM's to create another character and the purpose is to follow their task with the designated GM Character I made for them.
  11. Is there a possible way to request here for my current server for security purposes to limit every GM/ADMIN with below Group ID: 80 to create more than 1 assigned character? This is to balance the server and not to get abused by elected GM/ADMIN staffs in my server, your can check us our at : https://www.ragnarokphilippines.ml/ I'm using a ragnarok exe version 2013-05-22
  12. Hi everyone, I hope somebody can help me with this addon that I've downloaded "Vote for Points for FluxCP (Free Version)" Default - Click vote --> Insert the Points value to "table: cp_v4p_voters | column: points" i don't know what's the purpose of those points neither cannot be use for in-game "Cash Shop" Resolution - Click vote --> Insert the Points value into "table: cashlog | column: amount" to be able to use those amounts into in-game "Cash Shop" and able to buy rare stuffs that I want to post in there. If you want to see the problem you can follow our Official Website: https://www.ragnarokphilippines.ml/ - Ragnarok Online Philippines Test Account: Username: mydevelopers Password: TestAccount17 Email: [email protected] https://www.ragnarokphilippines.ml/?module=voteforpoints
  13. Hi guys, thank you for this thread I already copied your format, However may I have your permission to ask what v4p addon are you using? I would just like to know where did you get this stuffs? I want to have those too, Thank you. -Cianna Fernandez-
  14. Hi hazimjauhari90 I would like to notify you that the issue is being resolved after I disabled one of my auto-startup application "Realtek HD Manager" and now I can click on in-game interface, thank you so much for your help and other services you provided, please Quote this reply to help others too in case they encounter same issues with Windows 10 and Driver comptability. -Cianna Fernandez-
  15. You're so helpful today, thank you for your efforts of replying me back, I'm currently using version 2013-08-07 with rAthena server compiled with packet_version 36 but it has a packet_version 45 included in the packet_db.txt however I don't know how to configure it, If you want to check my website which is the current running server for my RO follow this link "https://www.ragnarokphilippines.ml/ If you can provide me a complete working package of a server and complete working package of client side please that would be the best help ever.
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