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  1. Haruka Mayumi's post in Whosell or Search for Vends was marked as the answer   
    - script whosell -1,{ OnWhoSellACMD: searchstores 99,1; end; OnInit: bindatcmd "whosell",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnWhoSellACMD"; end; }  
  2. Haruka Mayumi's post in How to fix possible loss of data error was marked as the answer   
    this happens because there are data types that can make your variable loss some data..
    you must learn what are data types first and what are their scopes.. needless to say, the warning already told you the error.. a 'double' data type can store decimal number while an 'int' type can only store integers(whole number).. So with that in mind, you cannot convert '10.5' into an integer because if you do so, it will result into a whole number '10' leaving the '.5' behind which will cause a loss of data..
    to fix things like this.. you simply need to make sure that you are passing a data to it's correct data type..
  3. Haruka Mayumi's post in quest_add: not found in DB was marked as the answer   
    1. Maybe you forgot to reloadquestdb.
    2. Did you perhaps add it on import/quest_db.yml?. if yes, Don't forget to add the "Body:" after the header section. it should look like this..
    Header: Type: QUEST_DB Version: 1 Body: - Id: 61000 Title: Hourly Rewards Cooldown TimeLimit: +60m  
  4. Haruka Mayumi's post in Dispel on Changing Maps was marked as the answer   
    The reason that it isn't working is because of the variables on that code.
    Here's the simplified code for that.

    EDIT: This code won't work on maps without loadevent flags
    - script rmvbuff -1,{ OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(@rmvmap$ == strcharinfo(3)) end; //sc_end sc_spirit; sc_end sc_gospel; sc_end SC_POEMBRAGI; sc_end SC_APPLEIDUN; sc_end SC_ASSNCROS; sc_end SC_WHISTLE; sc_end SC_SERVICE4U; //sc_end 37; // holy weapon //sc_end 38; // holy armor sc_end 187; // increase all stat sc_end 194; // increase hit sc_end 196; // increase flee sc_end 198; // max hp increase sc_end 199; // max sp increase sc_end 200; // attach strength sc_end 202; // increase def sc_end 214; // SC_SCRESIST sc_end 175; // POEMBRAGI sc_end 181; // SERVICE4U specialeffect2 235; @rmvmap$ = strcharinfo(3); end; }
  5. Haruka Mayumi's post in Body Style for Trans Classes was marked as the answer   
    you don't need to do source editing.. just client edit..
    grf - client sprite.. just add costume_1 costume_2 folder and copy 1st or 2nd or 3rd jobs there. then replace the names. ^_~
  6. Haruka Mayumi's post in I need to nerf the Elemental Sword was marked as the answer   
    You can try reading this post : https://rathena.org/board/topic/119968-bug-double-elemental-sword-on-sin-x/
  7. Haruka Mayumi's post in How to encrypt DATA.ini ? was marked as the answer   
    Use Embedded GRF.. disable read data folder.. encrypt all your grf. done.
  8. Haruka Mayumi's post in Announce Succes Refine by Weapon Refine Whitesmith was marked as the answer   
  9. Haruka Mayumi's post in Gunslinger Palletes Issue was marked as the answer   
  10. Haruka Mayumi's post in Ignore tarot debuff on defender level 5 was marked as the answer   
    case 3: // THE HIGH PRIESTESS - all buffs removed { struct status_change *tsc = status_get_sc(target); if(!(tsc && tsc->data[SC_DEFENDER]->val1 >= 5)) status_change_clear_buffs(target, SCCB_BUFFS | SCCB_CHEM_PROTECT); break; }  
  11. Haruka Mayumi's post in Simple Quest NPC with Gepard Function was marked as the answer   
    prontera,155,173,5 script Give 94,{ if(getd("$Quest_"+get_unique_id())){ message strcharinfo(0),"Quest already done for this mac."; end; } if(countitem(512) >= 10 && countitem(513) >= 10){ delitem 512,10; delitem 513,10; getitem 501,1; setd "$Quest_"+get_unique_id(),getcharid(0); } else message strcharinfo(0),"Not enough items."; end; }  
  12. Haruka Mayumi's post in How to set 100% drop rate on MvP Drops was marked as the answer   
    so i just took a look at the source and it seems there's already a config for it

    item_drop_mvp_mode: 2
  13. Haruka Mayumi's post in Auto-Restart Service Crash was marked as the answer   
    #!/bin/bash run=1 if [ "$run" -eq 1 ]; then if [ $(ps | grep -e login-server | wc -l) -eq 0 ]; then # Login server down ./login-server & > /dev/null fi if [ $(ps | grep -e char-server | wc -l) -eq 0 ]; then # Char server down ./char-server & > /dev/null fi if [ $(ps | grep -e map-server | wc -l) -eq 0 ]; then # Map server down ./map-server & > /dev/null fi sleep 10 ./auto-restarter.sh & fi you can also cut each server in run it on screen.
  14. Haruka Mayumi's post in Q>Delete SQL Item was marked as the answer   
    Edit the Equip value of the item to 0 from the inventory table.. 
  15. Haruka Mayumi's post in Mission Board [Bug] was marked as the answer   
    prontera,146,98,5 script Quest Manager 732,{ to prontera,146,98,5 script Quest Manager::Q_MGR 732,{ Duplicates:
    alberta,33,240,6 duplicate(Q_MGR) Quest Manager#alb 732 aldebaran,135,121,6 duplicate(Q_MGR) Quest Managerr#ald 732 geffen,115,72,6 duplicate(Q_MGR) Quest Manager#gef 732 morocc,164,102,4 duplicate(Q_MGR) Quest Manager#mor 732 payon,190,104,4 duplicate(Q_MGR) Quest Manager#pay 732 izlude,134,96,4 duplicate(Q_MGR) Quest Manager#izl 732 yuno,141,187,6 duplicate(Q_MGR) Quest Manager#yun 732 OnNPCKillEvent:
    OnNPCKillEvent: if(strnpcinfo(3) != "Q_MGR") end;  
  16. Haruka Mayumi's post in Website IP Address different from VPS was marked as the answer   
    use a subdomain

    let's say you have two VPS.. 1 for server[IP -] and 1 for website[IP -].. 

    your main domain name www.yourragnarok.com will be link to your website ip -
    then you will add a subdomain direct.yourragnarok.com and link it to your server ip -

    Also use the cloudflare to hide your ip when they ping it
  17. Haruka Mayumi's post in How to install any of this AURA to my server was marked as the answer   
    make sure that your client is patched with "custom aura sprites" from NEMO/WARP
  18. Haruka Mayumi's post in Cicada Skin Shed modification was marked as the answer   
    #ifdef RENEWAL case GS_MAGICALBULLET: #endif case NJ_KASUMIKIRI: case NJ_UTSUSEMI: + if( sd && skill_id == NJ_UTSUSEMI ){ + struct status_change* sc = status_get_sc(src); + + if( sc && sc->data[SC_UTSUSEMI] ) + { + clif_skill_fail(sd,skill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); + break; + } + } case NJ_NEN: case NPC_DEFENDER: case NPC_MAGICMIRROR:  
  19. Haruka Mayumi's post in duplicating mobs wont display the mobid was marked as the answer   
    // Limits for the monster database #define MIN_MOB_DB 1000 #define MAX_MOB_DB 3999 #define MIN_MOB_DB2 20020 #define MAX_MOB_DB2 31999 Also, Don't use the same name.. 
    it should be like this
    Body:   - Mob: TURTLE_GENERAL_HARD     Sprite: TURTLE_GENERAL 20020,TURTLE_GENERAL_HARD,Turtle General,Turtle General,  
  20. Haruka Mayumi's post in Addtional Prize was marked as the answer   
    OnClock1900: .@map$ = .townMap$[rand ( getarraysize ( .townMap$ ) - 1 )]; .@mins = .sleep / 60000; announce "[World Boss] A World Boss will appear in " + .@mins + " minutes", bc_all, 0xFF0000; sleep .sleep; monster .@map$, 153, 175, "Devils Pet", .wBossId, 1, strnpcinfo(3) + "::OnWBossDied"; announce "[World Boss] A World Boss appeared in " + .@map$ + " to avenge all those dead monsters adventurers killed!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; end; OnWBossDied: announce "[World Boss] " + strcharinfo(0) + " killed the World Boss! Congratulations!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; for(.@i=0;.@i<getarraysize(.rewardId);.@i++) getitem .rewardId[.@i], .rewardCount[.@i]; end; OnInit: setarray .townMap$[0],"prontera","geffen"; .wBossId = 1931; // monsterID setarray .rewardId[0],7828,501,502,503; // reward ID setarray .rewardCount[0],50,1,2,3; // how many rewards .sleep = 60000; // 60000ms = 1min end;  
  21. Haruka Mayumi's post in Reducing Mammonite zeny cost via Equipment was marked as the answer   
    this can be done by creating a new item_bonus such as bonus2 bReduceReqZeny,MC_MAMMONITE,1000;(Flat 1000 Zeny) or bonus bReduceReqZenyPer,MC_MAMMONITE,80;(80%)..
    After creating that. you can simply just add it as random option or add it via autobonus or an item.
  22. Haruka Mayumi's post in one character per GM account was marked as the answer   
    That modification has a bug wherein once you became a vip.. you are not also allowed to create characters more than 1.
    This modification fix that bug.
    // check the number of already existing chars in this account if( SQL_ERROR == Sql_Query(sql_handle, "SELECT 1 FROM `%s` WHERE `account_id` = '%d'", schema_config.char_db, sd->account_id) ) Sql_ShowDebug(sql_handle); + if( sd->group_id != 5 && sd->group_id > 0 && sd->group_id < 99 && Sql_NumRows(sql_handle) >= 1 ) + return -2; // character account limit exceeded #ifdef VIP_ENABLE if( Sql_NumRows(sql_handle) >= MAX_CHARS ) return -2; // character account limit exceeded
  23. Haruka Mayumi's post in NPC calling cash shop was marked as the answer   
    add "break" on your case.
    - cashshop Usables Shop -1,14003:15,12902:100 - cashshop Costumes Shop -1,20404:1000,20459:1000,31057:1000,31062:1000,31178:1000,31199:1000 payon,171,142,4 script Cash Shop 874,{ switch(select("Usables:Costumes:Cancel")) { case 1: callshop "Usables Shop", 1; break; case 2: callshop "Costumes Shop", 1; break; case 3: close; } }  
  24. Haruka Mayumi's post in unknown account after recompiling gepard SRC was marked as the answer   
    4 possible problem..

    1. the most common sense is it was really unknown account and was not on your db..
    2. your server gepard_shield.conf is off, but your client side is enabled. or vice versa, gepard_shield.conf is on but client side is disabled.
    3. client doesn't have all the files related to gepard such as mss32.dll, msvcp and msvcr sent by functor..
    4. maybe it was not functor you contact?
  25. Haruka Mayumi's post in [SOLVED] Teleport Skill lvl 1 Modification was marked as the answer   
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