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  1. Were you getting the same weird paths? That's the part that's the weirdest. The crashes seem to be random and don't happen all the time, so it's definitely some strange behaviour.
  2. We've recently started using the 2017-06-14 client (with Gepard) and at random times, certain people seem to start getting Resource Errors. Normally speaking it's pretty easy to determine what's wrong here as they tell you exactly what filename is missing, but quite often now we get player reports where the filenames make no sense at all. First example. The first folder it tries to access is the folder with headgears, then the gender folder, then...something with gender again, then hairstyle palettes. These folders would never be mixed together like this. Second example. The path is mostly fine, but the .act file makes no sense. There are no files that request the sprites in that format, nor is that particular file ever called in the lua files. The list goes on, lots of weird resource errors containing paths or filenames that should not exist. Has anyone else experienced this before? Thanks!
  3. Eh well, why are you stealing another server's website?
  4. You can also open the file in MS Word and have it show the contents in Korean.
  5. A quest is a quest, yes. That does not mean however that all the images and the description should be ripped straight from RMS. Do the quest yourself, write the quest guide, make screenshots, use those as illustrations for your guide. That's how you make something that's yours.
  6. @Djinsu: it was my personal project for a while. Then I took a break and didn't really feel like finishing it anymore. @Others: this is a WIP, Work in Progress. I'm posting this here for someone else to possibly finish it. It has some basic functionality but the game itself does not work.
  7. Looks nice overall, but I'd look more into aligning elements of the patcher. It seems like everything is just randomly placed, which makes it look rather messy.
  8. We had about 500 people inside the map at once! It was a great success Thanks again for the map Olrox! Here are some pics of the Ball.
  9. Really, really well done! I will ensure you, hundreds of people will enjoy this Big thumbs up!
  10. Haha, it's an old version indeed. However we've used this one for years (372 thor files and counting) and it's been perfectly stable apart from that locale issue I guess 2.6 is worth a short then. Thanks~
  11. Hey there, You'll have to forgive me if this was asked in the past already. I've been looking around a bit for similar issues but could not find a precise topic about this. We are currently using which works flawlessly most of the time. However, if someone is using say...a Japanese or Korean locale, it corrupts the GRF when patching -anything- in. If they switch to English it works just fine. I noticed at the update history, it said this: However, this is the 2.1 branch that was a complete rewrite of the patcher? So I'm not sure if this fixed bug is related to this issue at all or whether it's an issue that came up because of the rewrite of the patcher. Obviously we rather not patch in a new client if we aren't 100% sure that it fixes the issue as it currently works fine most of the time. So if anyone could shed some light on this situation, it's greatly appreciated
  12. Gravity sends out emails a few times a years. We got this Facebook post on our page as well. It's probably just some community manager who's trying to scare private servers. Sending an email is already not a legitimate way of handling things. A Facebook post even less so. If ever they'd want to do something, they would have to send a real letter. Not to mention they are in France. If you are in a different country and your server is in a different country, what do they want to do?
  13. Aight, I figured out the problem. It mainly lies with using a shorter mapname. Say the map you are replacing is que_qsch05.rsw. My custom name is called say...rpvp_1.rsw. Now what I did before was replace the que_ part by 00 in the HEX view and replace qsch05 by rpvp_1. However, what I should have done was start typing at the start of the mapname and replace the remaining characters after that by 00 in the HEX view.
  14. I tested the crash fix and it did the trick! No more crashing whatsoever. It still gives a bit of a wonky pickup message, like when you drop it and pick it up, but that's just a visual thing so not important. On a sidenote, I have a small suggestion. Not that important but I think people might like it if it would be made available. Related to this topic: http://rathena.org/board/topic/72392-applying-clouds-to-custom-maps/ I recall years ago someone had a tool to actually add clouds to new maps instead of replacing existing maps and doing it that way. If there is any way at all to make something like this happen again, I think quite some people would like that. No rush or priority at all, just a suggestion for the future
  15. I will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for your efforts As for the ones having problems with official hairstyle palettes, give this a shot: http://rathena.org/board/topic/53500-dl-fixed-hairstyle-order-for-latest-clients/
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