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  1. i change it with main menu lol idk how to fix the login button
  2. cant login idk how to fix it recaptcha alrdy enable from (google) too... thanks i hope next update will fix it
  3. you need active your recaptcha first
  4. same with me. too much bugs @Hurtsky
  5. how to fix player peak? i think didnt work verywell. only show 0 (zero) thanks dude
  6. how to edit a nav_bar? i didnt find the source
  7. friends, I want to ask the problem of browedit. after i finished edit i want to upload ingame. I have compiled map_cache.dat and map_index.txt and maps.txt in conf section. I also have uploaded to default.grf I login in-game and @warp maintown does not appear error and client not responding then close the program. I tried uploading a custom folder and it worked. can someone help ? thanks ps: i use browedit ver. 586
  8. Yugosh

    Perbedaan client Ragexe dengan RagexeRE

    RagexeRE itu saya rasa renewal.
  9. Yugosh

    All of the updates!

    nice love it.
  10. Yugosh

    Bet Item use POD

    Hello, i want request script or npc for example 1 Costume Wings i will open bet 10 Proof of donation. all player can bet in. and the highers bet will win. and the npc control by GM. not auto. thanks
  11. I want to create a command if the player using command autoloot in town that I want, and they forced to warp into main town. because I want to keep it fair when getting drop the items in the city. I do not want to disable autoloot commands in game. Thank you very much.
  12. Yugosh

    Automatic Day and Night

    - script pagi -1,{ end; OnClock0600: atcommand "@day"; end; } - script malam -1,{ end; OnClock1800: atcommand "@night"; end; }
  13. Yugosh

    How to edit if with this script?

    Thanks for your relpy / help but its no work have u another ? Thanks for reply / help but its also no work have u another too? if GM Level 99 not announce but if player it will announce the script. thanks who can help it. Here, tested and working: //--------------Script by : Akbar'e--------------------- //---------------http://forum.akbare.com---------------- // Thanks to // ROCREW //======================================================= - script login -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (getgmlevel() < 98) { announce "Welcome , [ "+strcharinfo(0)+" ] | Play get u'r Friends and Love.",bc_yellow|bc_all; } else { close; } } Thanks it works now. +1 and Solved mark