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  1. Appreciated your response. but Already fixed the problem for those who looking for answer please see below. What I do is I disabled 1 SELINUX 2 moved suexec to suexec.unused 3 sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/html 4. I created a user then grant the user access to /var/www/html/ then upload the fluxCP using that user then login as root sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/
  2. Hello Everyone, Good day! I encountered an error when I tried to install my Flux CP in my VPS (Centos 7 hosted in OVH). I already grant 777 permision to my var/www/html/cp/. I already checked every folder and it has 777 permission and apache js the owner. I already renamed moved suexec to suexec.unused Thanks
  3. we both host in centos kindly share the fix. all folders have 777 access
  4. tried to set it in 1, but nothing happens
  5. Hello as stated in the tittle :), Is there an easy way to enable pvp in all fields and dungeon? thank you
  6. same here :), I already using the same script above but mosnter stay in normal size. thank you
  7. Hello Everyone I would like to duplicate my poring and turn it to baphomet sprite however, Mob avail is missing in the latest trunk. can anyone give the steps to do it? thank you
  8. diff ka new client sa nemo tapos tick mo yun removed license screen ata un
  9. Hello As the tittle said. How can I disabled some effects on the item when its on certain map?. example Item: Brynhild / Effects: +10 Str , +50 Vit How can I disable the +50 Vit effects on the item when the players are inside the pvp_y_1-1 ?. Note(+10 Str should still working. Only the vit will be disabled) Thank you!!
  10. Hello Everyone, Good day! I just want to ask if this is possible, every time player used field manuals or bubble gum. It will be reflected to the @rates computation. Thank you so much!
  11. Sadddd ... Is there someone can help ?
  12. Hello, Is there any tutorial how to compile the free version of Andro. Like the players will just download the APK and then open it up and it will continue to download?? . is there any guide please help. thanks.
  13. Hello Diana, Good day! Actually there is no error link in my Live server the news page editor just dont have the tools UI. the below image with error from TinyMCE is running on my desktop. The main problem I guess is when its live on my host editor UI don't showed up but when it is running on my Desktop it working ...
  14. Hello Everyone, Good day! My flux cp Pages/News function are missing the Editing tools UI don't know what happened. I already tried to reinstall everything and installed fresh fluxCP but still no editor tools on Pages/News function Below is the missing feature when I installed it on my OVH Web Hosting When Its running on my Local machine.(Windows 10 / XAMP) everything works fine
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