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  1. please someone help me do a battle recruitment npc with if 10 player register they will be warped to event map and split into 2 party. Each party have 5 person. Its solo queue system not need create party first before register. The party will automatic create after waiting list full and warped to event map.
  2. pm him http://rathena.org/board/user/602-dastgir/
  3. thanks annie~ but the npc not work/response when click~ by the way i using 3 ceam~
  4. Need Help Compile Lub To Lua~ URGENT NEED HELP~ you help will give me big inspiration~ datainfo.rar
  5. i request Battleground clone!! 5 player register at waiting room!! if 5 player already register warp to some pvp map!! summon 15 evil clone!! each player have 3 evil clone! max win 15!! if death automatic out the game!! if win automatic got prize!! bump
  6. i already watch you all video on youtube... its cool... +100 good work..
  7. anyone have idea to make tower defense game?
  8. thanks everyone... special thanks to @AnnieRuru
  9. wow thanks annie... always help me xD.. 1 question how to set the monster only walk to this coordinate 389,275... which line i have to edit? sorry noob question xD and when i click npc no monster spawn
  10. ok.... bumppppp anyone can fix
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