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  1. If using RAGEXE remember to diff it disabling cheat defender, just in case. This webpage should help you choosing langtype and servicetype: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Clientinfo.xml Did you define the packetver, right?
  2. Hello, I would suggest you change the servicetype to 'america' and servertype to 'primary', see if that works. Are you using RAGEXE or RAGEXERE?
  3. Hello and thank you for your response, Sadly, the very same file you linked did not work, but I will continue trying to modify the .tga following that one as an example. Will update in case of success.
  4. Hello rAthena, Today I encountered a graphic error with my client, which is the next: Menu below ALT+V There is no bottom line closing the background of the menu icon. I have tried modifying the file named 'bg_menu.tga' inside 'menu_icon' folder, swapping another .tga file of a working client, but with no avail. I know it is related to client-side, but I haven't managed to find the problem. I know the files inside 'menu_icon' are being read because when I modified some icons, those modifications were shown inside my client. The intended behaviour I'm looking for is the next: Production client of X server Please help
  5. SOLVED by using NOT RE client. Sadly, the graphic error persist at the bottom of the menu background
  6. Hello, Today I would like to as about the button of the cash shop that goes into de menu icon, like this: Production client of X server Sadly, my client do not show the shop button and I don't know why, which also messes up the background of those icons: My client, private server Please note this has nothing to do with the icon found on a side of the map, that one is showing correctly in both cases. What I found about the button is that it's named 'bt_shop' inside 'menu_icon' folder on every 'data.grf', so my client should show it, but I couldn't make it work. About my client: Client date 2020-03-04aRagexeRE Patched using WARP with option 'Show Cash Shop icon' Some system message I don't know the source about Help please
  7. SOLUTION FOUND Thanks to Geo at Discord for telling me the error, which was this part of my settings: Patched my client using WARP to 'Customize OngoingQuestInfoList lub' file path 'System\OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN.lub' Fixed after modifying the path to 'System\OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN' (without the '.lub')
  8. Hello again! Today, I found a problem with my client and QuestInfoList; I searched the forums but found no solution to this problem, so I'm creating another post regarding this error. I'm getting these errors: And obviously, This is what I'm using: Client '2021-01-07aRagexeRE' Patched my client using WARP to 'Customize OngoingQuestInfoList lub' file path 'System\OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN.lub' llchrisll's ROEnglishRE: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/blob/master/Renewal/System/OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN.lub What whould be causing this error, and how can I fix it? Help please
  9. Hi! When I login on my client '2021-01-07aRagexeRE' I see this weird message in red: What does this message means, and how can I fix it? No window opens when I write '/showshop' (if related, the Cash Shop button working correctly on the side of mini-map). I don't want this message to show everytime Help please :D!
  10. Hi and thank you for your reply, Oh, I thought it was the same but it is letting me patch it with custom jobs! Nice! Thank you
  11. Yeah, already found the error thanks to your clientinfo thank you Start_! I'm very thankful for your time, patience and guidance Thanks for bearing with me [*]Aaaand now my client closes before character select Well, clientinfo problem solved at least! _______________ EDIT - SOLUTION FOUND ON OFF-TOPIC NEW RECENT PROBLEM[*] My client was closing without any 'mapserv.bat' error showing; long story short, solution found here!
  12. Had to change '<servertype>primary</servertype>' to '<servertype>sakray</servertype>' because the client wasn't opening It now tries to connect and I'm getting the Unregistered ID error. Weird.. what is different from my clientinfo? ___________________________ EDIT - SOLUTION FOUND Well, your clientinfo made me question myself about the '<servicetype></servicetype>' part... and in my clientinfo it was 'english'.. which is non-existant nowadays; changed it to 'america' according to the very obvious list found on https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Clientinfo.xml and now my own clientinfo is working properly.
  13. I can assure you those import files are being read correctly, the server reflected the changes made on the IPs accordingly, but will do as you say. Decommented 'login_ip:' & 'char_ip:' on 'char_athena.conf' Decommented 'char_ip:' & 'map_ip:' on 'map_athena.conf' Result: still getting 'Failed to connect...' and no attempt on logserv.bat
  14. Yes, already tried with and the server is working with that IP too Yes, ports 5121, 6121, and 6900 are reachable by the internet (using https://www.canyouseeme.org/) I'm using import files for char and map, those reflect the recent changes suggested by you: \conf\import\char_conf: \conf\import\map_conf.txt: I haven't edited login_athena so I'm pasting the default one, \conf\login_athena.conf:
  15. I'm using my own PC to run it. Using (also tried with my IPv4) did nothing :c Could it have something to do with Packet Obfuscation? Packet Obfuscation: Enabled. Keys: 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000
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