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  1. hello can i ask for item script allstatus + 5 only work in WOE? ex : 1240,Beret,Beret,5,20,,400,84,,1,0,0x028F5EEE,7,2,2,4,1,1,1,{ bonus bAllStats,2; },{},{}
  2. not usable item. but the maya purple card when i wear it.
  3. Original: Enables the use of [Intravision]. Intravision allows you to see hidden enemies. Modified: Enables the use of [Intravision]. Intravision allows you to see hidden enemies for a duration of 10 seconds. The cooldown is 60 seconds. hello.. how to make a item script card like that.. thx before..
  4. @Mabuhay its works thank you so much fast respon ^^
  5. @Mabuhay thx alot .. it works !
  6. Hello. can i ask for 1 click npc +10 Only for weapon lv1-4.. item required 5 TCG Card .. and the card still there if the weapon has card... i search in forum but no one only refine for weapon lv1-4
  7. @Keitenai awesome. thx for the script !
  8. @sader1992 how to add for 1 IP addres.. the setting only for 1 character or 1 account.. can i request for more option for IP address??
  9. i try this but.. i kill 100 poring and then the mvp summon just first time.. and then the npc always show status active with 0 monster... can u help me to make it LOOP?
  10. hello.. can i ask.. how to make that shadow ? he just use a headgear and then the shadow show up.. i try copy the spr and no shadow effect just a headgear.. i think it comes from a item_db script.. can anyone help me?
  11. hello.. i want to ask how to make if i use apple of archer headger.. in 60 second ..i will receive 5% max hp for 5 second.. thx before..
  12. Help me for this script please. This script receive 1 spesial exchange ticket every 1 hour, if player afk / vending / idle for 15 minutes the script stopped and need to relog-in. I want modify this script to : - Receive 1 Special Ticket Exchange every 1 Hour and - Receive 2 Bloody Branch & 5 Broze Coin every 5 minutes - Afk / Idle player 15 minutes Bloody Branch code : 12103 Bronze Coin code : 673 I already trying to duplicate the script, no error message in my console but reward only just 1, like just one script work, others not. sorry for my bad english. //===== Hourly Points Script ========================================= //===== By: ========================================================== //= GorthexTiger modified by Nibi //===== Current Version: ============================================= //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ============================================= //= Any eAthena Version //===== Description: ================================================= //= Get Points every successful hours of gameplay, you cannot get //= the points even if you miss a second or a minute. A player will //= get a very big bonus if they played 12 hours consecutively //= or without logging out of the game. If the player is vending //= the script will then stop. //===== Additional Comments: ========================================= //= You can modify the script to your liking. //= The default points is Kafrapoints change it anyway if you like. //= 1.1 = Check Chatting too //= 1.2 = 5 Minute Idle Check & @at/@autotrade check. //= 1.3 = Corrected the current balance line on 12 Hours Consecutive //==================================================================== - script hourlypoints -1,{ //--Start of the Script OnPCLoginEvent: attachnpctimer ""+strcharinfo(0)+""; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer30000: //Check if Vending (normal or @at) if(checkvending() >= 1 || checkchatting() == 1) { dispbottom "The hourly points event stopped because you were vending / chatting. Please relog if you wish to start again."; stopnpctimer; end; } //Check if Idle getmapxy( [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0 ); if(@map$ == [email protected]$ && @x == [email protected] && @y == [email protected]) { set @afk, @afk + 1; } //If move timer resets else { set @afk, 0; } set @map$, [email protected]$; set @x, [email protected]; set @y, [email protected]; //Idle Check for 5 Minutes if(@afk == 15) { dispbottom "The hourly points event stopped because you were idle for 15 minutes. Please relog if you wish to start again."; stopnpctimer; end; } end; OnTimer60000: set @minute, @minute + 1; //Check for 1 Minute if(@minute == 60){ set @minute,0; set [email protected]_amt, 1; //Points to get every hour (default: 10) getitem 6153,[email protected]_amt; dispbottom "You received "[email protected]_amt+" Spesial tiket by staying ingame for 1 hour"; set @consecutive_hour, @consecutive_hour + 1; } //Check for 12 hours consecutive if(@consecutive_hour == 12) { set @consecutive_hour,0; set [email protected]_amt, 15; //Points to get for 12 Consecutive hours (default: 50) getitem 6153,[email protected]_amt; dispbottom "You received "[email protected]_amt+" Spesial tiket in playing for 12 consecutive hours"; } stopnpctimer; initnpctimer; end; } //--End of the Script
  13. hay. . can i request script for vending... if vending is sell ITEM to GET ZENY.. i mean here is Vending is Sell Item to Get Item. ex : I sell 1 headger donation in vending.. to get 1000 poring coin if the user have 1000 poring coin.. and want to buy my vending item.. and then he got it... thx before
  14. syndrome93


    hi.. i need a script.. for trading tiket with many equip custom... ex : 10 tiket for 1 equip middle custom we add all custom code in script.. and when player click the npc... when they have 10 tiket... then automatically random for custom equip.... thanks before
  15. i need a script.. ex : the event start every one hour.. like LMS.. in 1 map... there around a map have a portal... the game are simple.. palm push strike your enemies until they goto portal ... go to portal = lose the winner until 1 player.. and the NPC reward shows.. like lms map : job3_rune03 > around a map have a portal.. thx sorry my english bad.. can somebody help me for this script.