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  1. I think meron kang na mistakes lines. meron full guide yan sila sundan mo ng maigi.
  2. Hello everyone this is first time i saw, This error make my map crash. how to fixed this error?
  3. Tonetzkii

    FluxCP links

    As for renaming the "Labels", it's on /lang/en_us.php I also think this post is better suited at Web Support, so I'll move it accordingly. Oh thanks!.
  4. Tonetzkii

    FluxCP links

    Anyone know location this i can't find in a whole folder themes i just want to rename it.
  5. if eA has group permission, it's compatible. sadly to sa no have group permission.
  6. Wow great this source i look before! uhmm wait is this compatible in eathena?
  7. Another filipino involved in scammed
  8. I think this is bug post mo nalng ito sa bug tracker.
  9. Meron ka bang screenies problem? paki post baka maka2long ako.
  10. Weird now lang ako nakakita ng ganitong problem di kaya ang problem nyo is setup.exe try to use original setup.exe.
  11. Na lagay mo na ba yung map inside your data folder or grf?
  12. Bakit hindi mo gamitin ang original script ng rathena? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/events/disguise.txt
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