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  1. can anyone tell me this client from pRO philipine is which version date? Thanks
  2. can make it client grf support SecureGrf and data.grf support LGrf? can someone upload the version without install any dll?
  3. all town xmas can found in download section, I just download few weeks ago
  4. im facing error when i create character and choosing Hair colour will pop out this error message 2013-08-07 Ragexe any1 have this error before? how i can fix this ? --------------------------- Error --------------------------- CPaletteRes :: Cannot find File : palette\head_³²_2.pal --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  5. do you have any solution for this? can share with me ?
  6. I looking for this too , after redirect home page no 1 know have to active email
  7. im using Rathena and xantara fluxcp i have try search , but dont have any related topic about donation redeem npc. Thanks
  8. your welcome..use SVN can save up your server traffic too..
  9. More details please. Thanks. http://rero.wikia.com/wiki/Setting_up_Patch_host
  10. why dont use thor update from SVN ? google code or sourceforce
  11. i think should be client side only support 100..
  12. read this http://rathena.org/board/topic/83750-2013-ragexe-support-main-topic/?p=233193
  13. if not mistaken , you can get button texture from here https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/client-side-translation
  14. Custom Currency Multi-Shop may i know how to add sub category to the Card and equipment? like card category got >Headhear >Armour >weapon >and more
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