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  1. I had the same problem and my solution was this one, I just changed it: if (!empty($xforward)) { per: if (!empty($myHHvarRND)) { //Somewhat Prevent of using Proxy Servers $xforward= $_SERVER["HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"]; if (!empty($myHHvarRND)) { $error = Flux::message('PROXY_NOT_ALLOWED'); }
  2. I applied the diff from easycore and took only the following error: Clif.c and Skill.c I'll post the diff only in relation to these two files, who can help me in correcting and updating the language, thank you. clif.patch skill.patch
  3. Precisely, I am looking for someone who can help me, I tried there on the discord but stolao deleted my message. sent I came to ask for help here on the forum. Unfortunately rathena doesn't have a @joinbg command system or make any diff to help people who are developers, from a pitched battle for eamod's command or something and we are dependent on these paid systems, I don't even have the money for this paying to a developer at the moment. I have an update for the github 30/03/2020 camp battle easycore 2.0 where it is already out of date for the current emulator and I am looking for this update help.
  4. Unfortunately, he has not even responded in disagreement.
  5. Hello, young people, I'm looking for someone who can help me with updating a .diff ".patch" for the EasyCore 2.0 pitched battle system. I have an update for rathena 03/30/2020 and need an update for the current rathena. Unfortunately today I do not have the money to make the payment so that help is available. If you have availability and would like to help me, please speak! I no longer know where I get this help.
  6. src/map/status.c I use or the notepad ++, where I select 1000 and I went to play random values until I got an amount of ASPD that I found necessary and it worked. if(flag&SCB_ASPD) { int amotion; if ( bl->type&BL_HOM ) { #ifdef RENEWAL_ASPD amotion = ((TBL_HOM*)bl)->homunculusDB->baseASPD; amotion = amotion - amotion * status_get_homdex(bl) / 1000 - status_get_homagi(bl) * amotion / 250; amotion = (amotion * status_calc_aspd(bl, sc, true) + status_calc_aspd(bl, sc, false)) / - 100 + amotion; #else amotion = (1000 - 4 * status->agi - status->dex) * ((TBL_HOM*)bl)->homunculusDB->baseASPD / 1000; amotion = status_calc_aspd_rate(bl, sc, amotion); amotion = amotion * status->aspd_rate / 1000; #endif amotion = status_calc_fix_aspd(bl, sc, amotion); status->amotion = cap_value(amotion, battle_config.max_aspd, 2000); status->adelay = status->amotion; } else if ( bl->type&BL_PC ) { uint16 skill_lv; amotion = status_base_amotion_pc(sd,status); #ifndef RENEWAL_ASPD status->aspd_rate = status_calc_aspd_rate(bl, sc, b_status->aspd_rate); #endif // Absolute ASPD % modifiers amotion = amotion * status->aspd_rate / 1000; if (sd->ud.skilltimer != INVALID_TIMER && (skill_lv = pc_checkskill(sd, SA_FREECAST)) > 0) #ifdef RENEWAL_ASPD amotion = amotion * 5 * (skill_lv + 10) / 100; #else amotion += (2000 - amotion) * ( 55 - 5 * ( skill_lv + 1 ) ) / 100; //Increases amotion to reduce ASPD to the corresponding absolute percentage for each level (overriding other adjustments) #endif #ifdef RENEWAL_ASPD // RE ASPD % modifier amotion += (max(0xc3 - amotion, 2) * (status->aspd_rate2 + status_calc_aspd(bl, sc, false))) / 100; amotion = 10 * (200 - amotion); amotion += sd->bonus.aspd_add; #endif amotion = status_calc_fix_aspd(bl, sc, amotion); status->amotion = cap_value(amotion,pc_maxaspd(sd),2000); status->adelay = 2 * status->amotion; } else { // Mercenary and mobs amotion = b_status->amotion; status->aspd_rate = status_calc_aspd_rate(bl, sc, b_status->aspd_rate); amotion = amotion*status->aspd_rate/1000; amotion = status_calc_fix_aspd(bl, sc, amotion); status->amotion = cap_value(amotion, battle_config.monster_max_aspd, 2000); temp = b_status->adelay*status->aspd_rate/1000; status->adelay = cap_value(temp, battle_config.monster_max_aspd*2, 4000); } }
  7. Revoltz


    Even though it's not the PT-BR Area I'm BR Good rsrs could you make me available to WOT pbRO? I'm in search of this same, if possible send me I thank you. Mesmo não sendo a Area PT-BR eu sou BR rsrs Bom você poderia me disponibilizar a WOT pbRO? eu estou em busca dessa mesmo, se possível me mandar eu agradeço.
  8. Revoltz


    Hello everyone, I'm asking for the help of everyone, I'm looking for a WOT (Treasure War) script, but I wanted the original * BRO * where one has the portals and etc ... does anyone have the script? the one that comes in the emulator like I do to configure, could someone explain me?
  9. Thanks, I'll look for some! but could you tell me how I could do about a ticket pulling this function?
  10. Hello, community! I do not know if I am posting in the correct place, but what I am going to talk about is the rathhena vip system, would you like to know how I can create Vip 1, 7, 15 and 30 days using rathena's official system? My second question is: I would like to make two vip's groups being GroupID 1 only for 1 day vip and GroupID 2 for 7, 15 and 30 day days. Being that I wanted that when the person of the two clicked on the ticket, appreciates a message your account turned VIP, enjoy its advantages. Thank you very much in advance!
  11. This is the error link -> Click Here this is my job_exp.txt
  12. Looks like the error is gone! thank you so much. Now I'm on alert that the level has not been configured correctly. Would you have a job_exp configured for Base Level 300 and Job Level 150? I was based on Link However, he continues to give warnings that base level and job level have been configured incorrectly.
  13. Well, I could now realize that when I'm in GM clothing the error does not appear! but when I open Alt + Q the error appears, so my conclusion is is some sprite referring to the Apprentice.
  14. The error persists, so how could you help me by giving me a link where I can download a complete and error-free client from hexed 2014-10-22? or would you have a patch running without errors? or where I can find several clients with their dates, as I do not know how to look for it. How can I solve this mistake?
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