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  1. I'm having this error on npc whenever i input wrong number of potions. can anyone help me with this.. thank you.
  2. hello i encounter this error when i overlap requierd items can anyone help me fix this problem thank you. here's the script.
  3. so, i manually apply the refine UI interface but i got this error on clif.cpp when i recompile my server.
  4. Newbiedev-chan


    Hi, i want a script for newbies when they type @guide as command, the command will display at bottom helpful tips. TIA!~
  5. I see... but is it possible to get the reward between level 10-19 once? Thanks for this
  6. i mean when i set it to get reward at level 10 i get the reward. but if i skip level 10 i don't get the level reward. LevelUpReward(1,10,0,0,11501,20,11502,10,12211,1);
  7. Hi, @sader1992 i am using your script LvUpRewards. How can i get reward if i skip a level. LevelUpReward(1,10,0,0,11501,20,11502,10,12211,1); LevelUpReward(2,10,0,0,0,0,0,0); i tested on a novice i leveled up to 10 it worked fine, after that i tried resetting it i leveled to 13 skipped past level 10 and i din't get the reward.
  8. Bump~ Any answers fo this? i'm also lloking for a fix.
  9. Hi, where can i edit the Kafra illustration function when i use the kafra card?
  10. Can anyone give me the illustration bmp for this card. ty
  11. @iraciz Do you have Fixed Orc Hero and Alice Sprites? noticed these mobs don't have sound aswell.
  12. any source modification needed for this? or anyone with script to tell the notification cooldown?
  13. Idk why but orc hero mvp act doesn't make sound, but other mvps and monsters are working perfectly. Thanks in Advance!
  14. @Foob have you figured this out? was also looking for this fix.
  15. not the fix im looking for :s the head sprite covers the robe sprite still.
  16. i tried this fix still doesn't work...
  17. tinry ko cya, tama ka nga. baka nka embed sa client mismo. hinanap ko din sa diff pero wala. Try mo gumamit ng older version ng client.
  18. yung win_service.bmp kuni mo sa data.grf then edit mo after that illagay mo cya sa kung alin mauuna sa data.ini mo. 0=server.grf <---- ito yung mauunang babasahin dito mo cya ilalagay yung win_service.bmp dito lhat ng eedit mo pra lumitaw. 1=rdata.grf 2=data.grf
  19. if edit mo cya dpat naka lagay sa server.grf mo or kung alin mauuna sa data.ini
  20. data/texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/log_interface/win_service.bmp
  21. @TheDerpySupport idk man i saw a couple of private servers got this sprite. TalonRO, LimitRO, EssenceRO... yeah, maybe it's a custom sprite. @Freecz i am looking for the sprite, not the item script man. thanks anyway.
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