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  1. Hello guys! I have an issue on my test server where the armor enchants get duplicated on cart inventory when I have an armor enchanted on my character inventory, right after I relog. 1. First, I create the item on my inventory. 2. Second, I create another 2 Silk Robes slotted without enchant. 3. Third, I put them in my cart inventory. 4. Four, I relog my character. 5. Five, I open cart inventory and then, all the Silk Robes have the same enchants as the one I have on my character inventory. Any idea where should I look at to fix this issue? Thank you!
  2. Hello guys! Just as the title says: the TaeKwon Ranking List (/taekwon command) does not get updated by obtaining points through missions, only after restarting the server. Where can I start looking at? Using client 2015-11-04. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello LearningRO! Not currently using latest rAthena. Do you know of another method? Regards!
  4. Hello community! I'm wondering if it is possible to allow the usage of skills and physical attacks when using setoption OPTION_XMAS,1; while using Santa Custome. Where exactly do I need to modify to enable the use? Also with wedding dress or tuxedo. Thanks!
  5. Hello @AnnieRuru How do I manage to keep blocking skill but unblock attacks? Where exactly can I edit it?
  6. Hello community, The thing is, I'm having issues when trying to get fury explosion on Super Novice even though when I meet all requirements. I'm using 2015-11-04 and 2015-10-29 clients and still not working. It shows the message as if it were detected, but nothing happens. this is src code: /// Request to invoke the effect of super novice's guardian angel prayer (CZ_CHOPOKGI). /// 01ed /// Note: This packet is caused by 7 lines of any text, followed by /// the prayer and an another line of any text. The prayer is /// defined by lines 790~793 in data\msgstringtable.txt /// "Dear angel, can you hear my voice?" /// "I am" (space separated player name) "Super Novice~" /// "Help me out~ Please~ T_T" void clif_parse_NoviceExplosionSpirits(int fd, struct map_session_data *sd) { if( (sd->class_&MAPID_UPPERMASK) == MAPID_SUPER_NOVICE ) { unsigned int next = pc_nextbaseexp(sd); if( next ) { int percent = (int)( ( (float)sd->status.base_exp/(float)next )*1000. ); if( percent && ( percent%100 ) == 0 ) {// 10.0%, 20.0%, ..., 90.0% sc_start(&sd->bl,&sd->bl, status_skill2sc(MO_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS), 100, 17, skill_get_time(MO_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS, 5)); //Lv17-> +50 critical (noted by Poki) [Skotlex] clif_skill_nodamage(&sd->bl, &sd->bl, MO_EXPLOSIONSPIRITS, 5, 1); // prayer always shows successful Lv5 cast and disregards noskill restrictions } } } } Any idea why would this happen?
  7. Hello community! As the title says, this error triggers when I attempt to leave a party using "/leave" command. I need to perform three times "/leave" to actually disolve the party, and right then, that error shows up on the console: It also says "Map-server #0 has disconnected" but it really doesn't. I can still be ingame. It may take around 15 - 20 seconds to disolve the party after executing /leave, and then, the error message shows up. Any ideas?
  8. Hello community! Does anyone have a fully functional @arealoot command? I'm using rAthena from 2015. Thank you guys!!
  9. Strand


    Hello guys, I'm stuck at this error: Any idea how to fix it?
  10. @KeyMaster I already activated it but it is not working still.
  11. Hello community, I already implemented this Thor Patcher but I can't make the RSS Feed to properly work. It just shows everything in blank. MAy you have idea what could be causing the problem? Thank you a lot!
  12. Hello community, How do I manage notices, RSSFEED? RSS Feed is not displaying!
  13. Hello @Naruto where precisely do I to look at? I can't really understand how the formula works. Do you think you can help me out?
  14. Hello community, How can I set the maximum damage reflected by Reflect Shield and Reject Sword? I want to set the maximum damage to equal to the caster's HP. Thanks!
  15. Hello community! I'm setting the WoE for Pre-Renewall but there is an error that is being shown repeteadly about the command "GetCastleData" which apparently the syntax is wrong... I have no clue what could be causing it. Hope you can give me a hand on this!
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