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  1. Hello all, I am not sure if the problem comes from client or server so I ask here. I use 20211117 client (Hexed with WARP) and surprisingly all the mobs with ID > 4000 show novice sprite, including the official mobs and even Biolo Summon. Attached are the screenshots of the trouble. Anybody has ideas why this could happened and how to solve it? Thank you...
  2. Hi. Luckily I have some free time and this project is on progress. I will share the NodeJS API when I finished them. Regarding the Front End part, I will gladly implement them if someone ask me to do that.
  3. Hello, I am a newbie in programming so learning new language is quite hard for me. And since I learn a lot about JS, I tried to make rAthena CPanel on JS Based Framework, namely ReactJS as frontend (also using tailwind css) and NodeJS as backend. By saying NodeJS, I mean I used the already-developed headless CMS called strapi which is open-source platform. It provides the auto-generated API which make it easier to integrate with other platform, like selling your real-life stuff in exchange for in-game rewards, connecting your account with social media, server merge, creating hooks etc etc. This project is not finished yet but it won't hurt to share some of my work. I will keep you guys updated about this work and hopefully I could share some of my work with you. Disclaimer: All of the graphics that I used is not my work. I only use it barely for showcase purpose and I got them mostly from rAthena and/or kRO client. And pardon my english
  4. I was asking @Functor if we could have it with Gepard Shield, the first answer was yes but it seems there is misunderstanding. If somebody else could do it, I'd be really glad.
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