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  1. Try to experiment with this grf.. Minimal Effects GRF
  2. Vex

    mado error

    I think the mado files on zackdreaver is outdated, try to get the latest mado files in kro data.grf..and out it in your ro data.grf or data folder..
  3. Theres a default sound when someone chats you ingame, chack your friend settings theres an option there, pop up/sound notification.
  4. Please read what i'm trying to say.
  5. is there a way to disable respawn after dying twice in pvp room?
  6. does anyone know how can i disable the npc icons from moving? it seems that everytime i try to adjust my camera up and down the npc icons are moving with the camera..
  7. do someone know how can i disable the respawn in pvp maps after 2 deaths?
  8. Very helpful and straight to the point everytime since then recommended 10/10
  9. Vex


    We're currently looking for GM's to be exact i need two people for now to help me in the server find bugs and do events when the server opens, give me suggestions on the server. Add me in skype: markjustin18
  10. its already on localhost @crazyarashi
  11. ady did that at first its on i just tried to change to my local ip and its the same.
  12. So the thing is i cant connect to my own local server every time i connect with an incorrect account name/password it says unregistered it means the local server is responsive but everytime i login with the right user/pass it says failed to connect to server here are some screenshots INTERATHENA.CONF CLIENTINFO MY CLIENT DATE IS
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