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  1. is Episode 14.1 : Bifrost fully implemented here in rathena?
  2. Mirakol-

    VPS Services

    good day, anyone knows someone providing VPS that supports Eamod trunk? TIA.
  3. Mirakol-

    mado error

    thank you for your answer for this issue. tried to disable zack's client resources grf and it resolved the issue. another question. where is the mado sprite located?
  4. Mirakol-

    mado error

    good day, every time i activate mado i get this error message. can someone help me with this error please. kindly find attached fyr. thanks! server and client setup: client using: 20180620e data folder: zackdreaver kro: latest and fully pathched mode: renewal
  5. good morning, im using 64 bit centos and latest version of rathena i am having a trouble compiling the server. as you can see in the screenshot there is something wrong compiling the server. can someone help me with this? TIA
  6. hi, can you share to me where to download latest ragexere clients? TIA
  7. whats better to use for renewal? ragexe or ragexere? TIA
  8. i tried using vb2010 unfortunately i cant open the project. i guess you need to install latest version of VB.
  9. good day everyone just want to ask if its possible to activate rodex new interface on this client. because this client run the old rodex interface.
  10. ok ok now I get it. thanks @Emistry!
  11. so announce will just show on other player screen? not yours?
  12. @Emistry why map announce not working?
  13. @Emistry whoa thanks for the script it works perfectly. but there is one problem when I set map for example pvp_y_8-1, the name on the menu is also "pvp_y_8-1" I want it to be a custom name not the map name itself. can you help me with this thanks!
  14. can someone share a simple pvp warper? - maps are default one (prontera,izlude,etc.) - announces player's name when getting inside the pvp room - show how many players each room thank you in advance
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