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  1. Vex

    personal info on flux

    does anyone here already tried adding personal information box on flux? i mean other than the usual username, password, confirm password, email and so on adding Personal Information of the player such as First Name, Last Name, Middle Name if so how can i do this? Thanks.
  2. So i've been doing some exploration on the source code from the last 3 days up to now and im still in this problem from 2016 client to 2017 client those client have the same error but i can manage to connect to the server so the problem is this. and i already tried searching guides but i think rAthena's source files has been changed drastically. Client Version: 2017-05-17aRagexeRE Git Hash: 5602bb04f814a57c55e000f58a2bf4e88de2d1be
  3. Problem solved i upgraded to 2gb of ram LOL
  4. Good Day, I want to know if some of you experiencing this thing it's like when im going to start rathena on a vps it is stopping heres the image As you can see it says that it is out of memory but from what i know rAthena has a system requirement of 512 RAM that's why i ordered it because i just want to test things in this VPS lol the VPS specs that i ordered is this. BTW, I'm hosted at digital ocean and running my VPS with a CentOS 7.3
  5. I tried exactly the same but still cannot be dispelled thats odd.. Fixed.
  6. I already know those what i want is the players magic will miss to that monster not 1 damage XD because players can just spam spells bolts to them and just kill it easily,
  7. Is it possible to make a monster immune to magics and can only be damaged by physical / long range attack with only 1 damage? Currently im doing it with the monster Gourd #1816 and i already tried raising both MDEF and INT with a 1 stat char and the magic damage still damaging the monster.