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  1. Please read what i'm trying to say.
  2. is there a way to disable respawn after dying twice in pvp room?
  3. does anyone know how can i disable the npc icons from moving? it seems that everytime i try to adjust my camera up and down the npc icons are moving with the camera..
  4. do someone know how can i disable the respawn in pvp maps after 2 deaths?
  5. Very helpful and straight to the point everytime since then recommended 10/10
  6. Vex


    We're currently looking for GM's to be exact i need two people for now to help me in the server find bugs and do events when the server opens, give me suggestions on the server. Add me in skype: markjustin18
  7. its already on localhost @crazyarashi
  8. ady did that at first its on i just tried to change to my local ip and its the same.
  9. So the thing is i cant connect to my own local server every time i connect with an incorrect account name/password it says unregistered it means the local server is responsive but everytime i login with the right user/pass it says failed to connect to server here are some screenshots INTERATHENA.CONF CLIENTINFO MY CLIENT DATE IS
  10. Vex

    personal info on flux

    does anyone here already tried adding personal information box on flux? i mean other than the usual username, password, confirm password, email and so on adding Personal Information of the player such as First Name, Last Name, Middle Name if so how can i do this? Thanks.
  11. So i've been doing some exploration on the source code from the last 3 days up to now and im still in this problem from 2016 client to 2017 client those client have the same error but i can manage to connect to the server so the problem is this. and i already tried searching guides but i think rAthena's source files has been changed drastically. Client Version: 2017-05-17aRagexeRE Git Hash: 5602bb04f814a57c55e000f58a2bf4e88de2d1be