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  1. great developer, besides being super attentive to his customers and super fast in his deliveries. 1000%!!!!!
  2. we have several modifications to this emulator and we are in the final stretch of the project. It would be a little tricky to recreate everything from scratch.
  3. você deu um restart no apache após a instalação do phpmyadmin? verificou se ele criou o virtual host?
  4. use this software for edit this item
  5. Amigo desculpe desviar do assunto do tópico, mas não é mais viavel atualizar a rev do seu emulador e efetuar um teste?
  6. Seu servidor esta sendo "hosteado" em localhost?
  7. You have https protocol? Try this: [Config:Main] RootURL='http://www.praetoriaro.com/patcher/' RemoteConfigFile='main.ini' TimeOut=0 StatusFile='PraetoriaRO.dat' DefaultGRF='info.grf' ClientEXE='PraetoriaRO.exe' ClientParameter='-1rag1' FinishOnConnectionFailure=false [Config:Window] AutoResize=true Style='none' Width=500 Height=430 DragHandling=true Background='images/bg.jpg' FadeOnDrag=true [Config:BGM] File= Loop=true Volume=20 Directory= [Config:Misc] Title='PraetoriaRO Patcher' HideProgressBarWhenFinish=true [ProgressBar:bar1] Width=310 Height=20 Left=22 Top=385 BackColorStart=$009DEEEF BackColorEnd=$00C2F1F1 FrontColorStart=$006ED5B0 FrontColorEnd=$0080DDCA FrontImage= BackImage= Hook='ProgressChange' [Label:Status] AutoResize = false Width=310 Height= Left=20 Top=365 Alignment='center' FontColor=$ffffff FontName = '' FontSize = Text='' Hook='StatusChange' [NoticeBox:Box0] Width=310 Height=150 Left=20 Top=200 URL='https://www.praetoria.com//patcher/index.html' [Button:Start] Default='images/start1.png' OnHover='images/start2.png' OnDown='images/start3.png' Left=383 Top=211 Hook='Start' [Button:Exit] Default='images/Exit1.png' OnHover='images/Exit2.png' OnDown='images/Exit3.png' Left=383 Top=244 Hook='Exit' [Button:Cancel] Default='images/Exit1.png' OnHover='images/Exit2.png' OnDown='images/Exit3.png' Left=383 Top=211 Hook='Cancel'
  8. Hello guys, I want to convert my server (Hercules) to rathena. But i dont know how to convert my database to the structure for rathena. Can someone teach me how? Thank you!
  9. @Playtester alright, i will try, thanks!!!!!
  10. guys, how i can change the kRO ASPD for iRO ASPD formula?
  11. how i can migrate my sql (eA) to rA? what tables do I need to modify? <3
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