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  1. open npc/scripts_custom.txt //npc: npc/custom/warper.txt (remove //) npc: npc/custom/warper.txt
  2. finished portal lasagna portals
  3. open your grf with grf editor data/idnum2itemdesctable.txt <--- edit here
  4. added 12 warps //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Lasagna Warp Script //===== By: ================================================== //= Sylphers //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= Warp Points for Lasagna //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 First version //============================================================ // Town Warps lasagna,358,91,0 warp lasagna0001 1,1,lasa_fild02,24,98 lasagna,327,51,0 warp lasagna0002 1,1,lasa_fild01,343,368 lasagna,150,54,0 warp lasagna0003 1,1,lasa_fild01,131,379 lasa_fild01,133,381,0 warp lasagna0004 1,1,lasagna,155,57 lasa_fild01,342,373,0 warp lasagna0005 1,1,lasagna,326,54 lasa_fild02,16,98,0 warp lasagna0006 1,1,lasagna,355,91 lasa_fild02,348,244,0 warp lasagna0007 1,1,lasa_dun01,27,143 lasa_dun01,20,143,0 warp lasagna0008 1,1,lasa_fild02,340,244 lasa_dun01,159,98,0 warp lasagna0009 1,1,lasa_dun02,23,170 lasa_dun02,19,170,0 warp lasagna0010 1,1,lasa_dun01,153,98 lasa_dun02,146,58,0 warp lasagna0011 1,1,lasa_dun03,190,21 lasa_dun03,190,14,0 warp lasagna0012 1,1,lasa_dun02,145,52 lasagna.txt
  5. help me... im using this script http://pastebin.com/raw/z8fqgEXV i also already do this //== npc\guild\agit_controller.txt //== npc\guild2\agit_start_se.txt
  6. i already try that but still same
  7. i think it can help u *sorry my english is bad* red = npc name blue = npc sprite ID orange = item ID green = price item yellow = map & coordinate NPC lunar01,135,192,4 cashshop [Cash 01] Shizuka 758,5380:7500
  8. open "rathena\npc\script_custom.txt" then add this npc: npc/custom/npc_event.txt
  9. yes me too... i've same problem like that... please help this is my script //===== eAthena Script ======================================= //= Gym Pass Cash Item NPC //===== By: ================================================== //= Kisuka //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.3 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= eAthena SVN //===== Description: ========================================= //= [Aegis Conversion] //= Exchange Gym Passes to learn "Enlarge Weight Limit" //= iRO NPC situated in Payon beside Kafra Shop. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 1.0 First version [L0ne_W0lf] //= 1.1 Fixed the NPC saying you "00" [L0ne_W0lf] //= 1.2 Replaced effect numerics with constants. [Samuray22] //= 1.3 Updated script, and fixed potential errors. [L0ne_W0lf] //============================================================ payon,173,141,4 script Ripped Cabus#GymPass 525,{ mes "[Ripped]"; mes "Hey, there. People aren't"; mes "as physically active as they"; mes "used to be. Even if you fight"; mes "for a living, your body might"; mes "be weak and flabby in some"; mes "areas. Know what I mean?"; next; mes "[Ripped]"; mes "Hey, train with me, and I can"; mes "guarantee that you'll be able"; mes "to lift and carry more of your"; mes "stuff. Just gimme your"; mes "^FF0000Gym Pass^000000 each time,"; mes "and we'll be good to go."; next; mes "[Ripped]"; mes "But don't get too excited:"; mes "no matter how much training"; mes "I take you through, you can"; mes "overdo it. You ever hear of"; mes "anyone that got too buff?"; mes "That's cuz they're dead. See?"; next; mes "[Ripped]"; mes "I'd say that it'd be safe"; mes "for you to seriously train"; mes "with me and increase your"; mes "item carrying capacity ^FF000010 times^000000."; mes "So... Are you ready to sweat?"; next; switch(select("Yes:No:Um, my workouts wore off.")) { case 1: if (gympassmemory < 10) { set [email protected]_carry,gympassmemory + 1; set [email protected]_carry,10 - [email protected]_carry; if (countitem(7776) > 0) { mes "[Ripped]"; mes "Oh, awesome, I see you"; mes "brought your Gym Pass."; mes "Alright, just do what I do,"; mes "and try to feel the burn."; mes "Ready? Let's do this."; next; specialeffect2 EF_EARTHSPIKE; next; specialeffect2 EF_DEVIL; next; specialeffect2 EF_COIN; next; specialeffect2 EF_SIGHTRASHER; next; mes "[Ripped]"; mes "There, you should be able"; mes "to carry more stuff with you."; mes "Let's see, we can increase"; mes "your item carrying capacity"; mes "^FF00000" + [email protected]_carry + "^000000 more times if we continue"; mes "training together like this."; delitem 7776,1; //Max_Weight_Up_Scroll set gympassmemory,[email protected]_carry; skill "ALL_INCCARRY",[email protected]_carry,0; close; } else { mes "[Ripped]"; mes "Dude, what'd I tell you?"; mes "You gotta bring me your"; mes "^FF0000Gym Pass^000000 if you wanna"; mes "work out, and build up your"; mes "item carrying muscles."; close; } } else { mes "[Ripped]"; mes "Dude, I don't think we can"; mes "build up your item carrying"; mes "muscles anymore than that."; mes "It's too dangerous for your"; mes "body if we even tried! C'mon,"; mes "I told you about the limits."; close; } case 2: mes "[Ripped]"; mes "Aw, that's too bad."; mes "Well, come back if you"; mes "change your mind. Tell"; mes "your friends about me:"; mes "if they're flabby, I'll help"; mes "get them in shape."; close; case 3: if (gympassmemory > 0) { mes "[Ripped]"; mes "What happened?"; mes "You let your item carrying"; mes "muscles just atrophy? Lucky"; mes "for you, there's such a thing"; mes "as muscle memory. It's won't take"; mes "as long to build 'em back up..."; next; specialeffect2 EF_EARTHSPIKE; next; specialeffect2 EF_DEVIL; next; specialeffect2 EF_COIN; next; specialeffect2 EF_SIGHTRASHER; next; mes "[Ripped]"; mes "How about that?"; mes "Your item carrying"; mes "muscles grew back,"; mes "just like that! Try not to"; mes "wimp out again, okay?"; skill "ALL_INCCARRY",gympassmemory,0; close; } else { mes "[Ripped]"; mes "Uhh..."; mes "We didn't work out"; mes "together before."; mes "I'm sure about that."; close; } } }
  10. i have a custom map and i want to add that custom map at @go command how to add that? i've tried at help.txt but didn't work
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