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  1. OnPCLoadMapEvent

    Zwei Fragen, wie kommen die Spieler auf die Map? Kann nur eine Party gleichzeitig auf die Map oder auch mehrere?
  2. Npc walk Frage

    *movenpc "<NPC name>",<x>,<y>{,<dir>}; Sollte der command sein den du suchst. movenpc "Eremes",214,47,3; Wenn ich dir nen tipp geben kann, füg dem npc #irgendwas an, falls du irgendeinen anderen npc hast der so heißt würde es zu komplikationen führen. Nenn ihn zb Eremes#erms1 oder so, ist dir überlassen.
  3. Custom skill doesn't show at skill window

    Did you insert your custom skill into the lua files too?
  4. Pre-RE EDP

    Pre-Renewal official EDP behaviour: Boosts damage of all skills but meteor assault and soul destroyer/breaker. Also boosts melee attacks by the same amount. It's an "on top" damage times X modifier you could say. This includes: Grimtooth, Sonic Blow....even throw sand is affected by EDP. Grimtooth and Sonic Blow where one of the strongest skills in combination with EDP, 5k edp grimtooth def anyone?
  5. Is dis possible?

    It's possible when the person died multiple times, the EXP can go to 0 (if this is your question). Lets say from level 93 to 94 you would need 200.000 EXP to gain a level. The said player just leveled up and died 1-2 times. Per Death the player will lose 1% of the CURRENT maximum EXP needed to gain a level, in this case 2000 exp. Scenario: Player levels up and has a rest of 2000 EXP left. Dies 1 time and loses 1% of EXP which is 2000 exp. 2000 - 2000 = 0; Mystery solved.
  6. How to Fix items at alt+Q and alt+E

    Check this out -> http://rathena.org/wiki/Favorite_tab You need to update your database.
  7. Unknow item when Custom new item

    Yea you are right, working with the iteminfo.lua for quite some time now, that's why i wasn't really sure when they actually implemented it.
  8. Unknow item when Custom new item

    Rofolder / System / iteminfo.lub (.lua) 2012 clients won't use the idnum things anymore.
  9. Anti-Cheat Stats

    You mean if the player has for example 256 str,vit,agi,dex,int AND luk? if (readparam(bStr) > 255 && readparam(bAgi) > 255 && readparam(bVit) > 255 && readparam(bInt) > 255 && readparam(Dex) > 255 && readparam(bLuk) > 255){ This would block the person when allstats are atleast at 256. Also, you might want to add this line here below the announce part, otherwise this guy won't get disconnected: atcommand "@kick "+strcharinfo(0);
  10. How to solve error in db? mob

    Your client is outdated, that's what i told you on ym too. You need to get a new fully updated client, yours is like almost 3 years old.

    when using if (statement here) the line below is only executed if above statement is true, if you add other lines below it, they will be always read. in this example if(sd) -> if session_data is true -> run code below (player) block asura for xx seconds if(sd) block asura -> checking if SD is true block more stuff -> ignored the SD statement When a monster uses body relocation aka snap, it will crash the server most likely.

    #endif if (sd) { skill_blockpc_start (sd, MO_EXTREMITYFIST, 2000); skill_blockpc_start (sd, SR_CURSEDCIRCLE, 2000); skill_blockpc_start (sd, SR_WINDMILL, 2000); }
  13. Help : Item Scripts ( Made a box ), item scripts :D

    {getitem2 2504,1,1,7,0,0,0,0,0; getitem2 1602,1,1,10,0,0,0,0,0; getitem 607,20;}
  14. Connecting

    Let me rephrase it, did you install a SQL database server? If not, you would have to do that first.
  15. Connecting

    You are misunderstanding the s1 / p1 part. This one is defined in the map_athena.conf & char_athena.conf. And this one is also defined in the login sql database. Do you even have a SQL database setup?