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  1. Titles are Saved in your Database. YourDatabase>Char>title_id So Technically, its just a matter of setting a variable and pulling the information out of title_id in char.
  2. As idLaz said in /src/config/core.h Recompile after the Change. /// Uncomment to enable skills damage adjustments /// By enabling this, db/skill_damage.txt and the skill_damage mapflag will adjust the /// damage rate of specified skills. //#define ADJUST_SKILL_DAMAGE To #define ADJUST_SKILL_DAMAGE
  3. Anyhow, achievement_list.lub This will do it. If it doesnt, you maybe reading Data folder First instead of Grf, etc.
  4. Any reason why you are using a 2015 Client or just Preference ?
  5. As TARTs said, Update. Or atleast give more Information regarding the Error.
  6. Server Version ? Any Changes ? Whats the Crash Signal?
  7. Well you´d need to have all the NPCs Translated or get them from somewhere. For Clientside, youll need those Translations aswell. 2 | SERVICETYPE_JAPAN | japan
  8. You could just Give out a Shadow Gear Item or something in that Matter that has a Custom Exp Manual Book Buff Attached on onequip/unequip
  9. Keep in Mind that you have to Enable Skill_Damage_DB.txt src/config/core.h Recompile After you comment it in again.
  10. /db/re/skill_db.txt 2256,11,6,1,-1,0,0,5,1,no,0,0,0,weapon,0,0x4000, NC_BOOSTKNUCKLE,Boost Knuckle // 16 inf3 (skill information 3): // 0x00001 - skill ignores land protector // 0x00002 - free // 0x00004 - usable skills while hiding // 0x00008 - skill that can be use while in dancing state // 0x00010 - skill that could hit emperium // 0x00020 - skill ignores SC_STASIS // 0x00040 - skill blocked by kagehumi // 0x00080 - skill range affected by AC_VULTURE // 0x00100 - skill range affected by GS_SNAKEEYE // 0x00200 - skill range affected by NJ_SHADOWJUMP // 0x00400 - skill range affected by WL_RADIUS // 0x00800 - skill range affected by RA_RESEARCHTRAP // 0x01000 - skill that does not affect user that has NC_HOVERING active // 0x02000 - skill that can be using while riding warg // 0x04000 - skill that can be used while on Madogear // 0x08000 - skill that can be used to target while under SC__MANHOLE effect // 0x10000 - skill that affects hidden targets // 0x20000 - skill that affects SC_GLOOMYDAY_SK // 0x40000 - skill that is affected by SC_DANCEWITHWUG // 0x80000 - skill blocked by RA_WUGBITE
  11. I can Import the table without problem, however it seems it cant fit key´s in right. (thus i cant really edit it afterwards) '\xEA\xB2\x8C\xED\x8E\x 9C...' for column 'INFO' at row 1 ERROR 1366 (HY000): Incorrect integer value Worked like a charm 2 Years Ago (Last Server), what happened here? #Edit 1 Found out that the Korean Names of the Geffen Magic Tournament Mobs seem to caused atleast one of this Errors However "Still no „unique“) column" #Edit 2 Ive just added the unique key ALTER TABLE `mob_skill_db_re` ADD UNIQUE (`MOB_ID`) To Test it, breaks it ofc since the unique is MOB_ID and it cant use more then one per mob, but now it works so its def. the unique key Soo, i guess i have to create another column just for a unique key ? Why guys, why ?
  12. Where in the Source does it Calculate the Extra Bonus for Rebirthing or being Doram? Basehpsp Tables and JobDB1 are all the same, however the 1,25x HP for Rebirth still Counts in, same goes for Dorams 1,5x HP Rate (I want to disable the Bonus HP% Rebirth Classes and Dorams geht)
  13. Oi Guys, Anyone have a quick grasp on how i could do the old Swichteroo on Client Sprites? I want, regardless of what weapon the Player has equipped in his Weapon Slot, the "Unarmed, or Fist" Sprites for everything (Attacking, etc etc.) ## Edit, Already got it.
  14. Conents of job_basehpsp_db.txt ?
  15. Not Really, since the Array is not extended in a Static way. However, i did find a way though. So, all good. ./close plox Its not all good. It looks all fine and dandy at first glance, but doesnt work Can anybody help out make the Enchanter from the first Post only for Shadow Armor, Shadow Weapon and Shadow Boots?