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  1. Hello, does anyone have the latest Hugel Racing Cap enchantment system? I would like to make the Racing Cap 3rd hidden slot can be enchanted by specific Classes Stone. I hope someone can help me
  2. Hello, I have tested a script made by Emistry called Usable Enchant item. However, the script doesn't work properly in latest Ra. For that reason, I ask a help to create or modify the existing script so that It can enchant 3rd hidden slot with a specific status stone like STR+1 etc to specific headgear/equipment. For example an item like Magic Scroll can be used to enchant Hat [1] with random Status stone. // usage: // callfunc( "F_DiabloEnchant",<delete item id>,<bonus item id> ); function script F_DiabloEnchant { [email protected] = getarg( 0,0 ); [email protected] = getarg( 1,0 ); if ( [email protected] && [email protected] ) { for ( [email protected] = EQI_HEAD_TOP; [email protected] < EQI_ACC_R; [email protected]++ ) { [email protected]_itemid = getequipid( [email protected] ); [email protected]$ = [email protected]$ + ( [email protected]_itemid == -1 ? "": getitemname( [email protected]_itemid ) ) + ":"; } [email protected] = select( [email protected]$ ); [email protected]_itemid = getequipid( [email protected] ); [email protected]_refine = getequiprefinerycnt( [email protected] ); for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < 4; [email protected]++ ) [email protected][[email protected]] = getequipcardid( [email protected],[email protected] ); if ( [email protected][0] && [email protected][0] < 4001 ) { mes "Signed Item can't be enchanted."; } // else if ( [email protected][3] ) { // mes "This item has been enchanted. Cant enchant twice."; // } else { delequip [email protected]; delitem [email protected],1; [email protected][3] = [email protected]; getitem2 [email protected]_itemid,1,1,[email protected]_refine,0,[email protected][0],[email protected][1],[email protected][2],[email protected][3]; // equip2 [email protected]_itemid,[email protected]_refine,0,[email protected][0],[email protected]d[1],[email protected][2],[email protected][3]; specialeffect2 154; message strcharinfo(0),"Enchant Success!"; } close; } return; }
  3. Hello, I need help to modify the the Blacksmith's forging ATK (mastery bonus). The current bonus +5 Atk per Star Crumb used - +40 Atk if 3 Star Crumbs [Very Very Very Strong suffix]. I want to change it to grant +80 if 3 star crumbs used but I don't know what source code should I change. Please help me..
  4. Hello, I found a party drop script made by llchrisll, however I need a help to modify this script only give the drop share within screen 15x15 area so the party member outside the screen can't leech. Moreover, this scripts uses general drop chance, would you like to help me changing this into specific one? For example: OnInit: setarray .drop_id[0],15378, // Lava Leather Armor - 2% chance 15379, // Lava Leather Suit - 5% 15380, // Lava Leather Robe - 2% //================================================== // Party Drop Script //================================================== mag_dun03,0,0,0 script #MagmaF3_Drop -1,{ OnMagma3MobDead: if(getcharid(1)) { getpartymember getcharid(1),1; getpartymember getcharid(1),2; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) if(attachrid([email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]]) == 1) { if(strcharinfo(3) != strnpcinfo(4)) continue; if(rand(1,10000) >= (10000 - .chance)) getitem .drop_id[rand(getarraysize(.drop_id))],1; } } else { if(rand(1,10000) >= (10000 - .chance)) getitem .drop_id[rand(getarraysize(.drop_id))],1; } end; OnInit: setarray .drop_id[0],15378, // Lava Leather Armor 15379, // Lava Leather Suit 15380, // Lava Leather Robe 20935, // Lava Leather Manteau 20936, // Lava Leather Muffler 20937, // Lava Leather Hood 22199, // Lava Leather Boots 22200, // Lava Leather Shoes 22201; // Lava Leather Sandals // ==== Drop Settings ==== // Multiply the Drop Chance below with the Server Drop Chance for Equipment // 1 = Yes // 0 = No .battleconf_drop = 0; // General Drop Chance .drop = 50; // 50 = 0.5% // Calculation .chance = .drop * ( (.battleconf_drop)?( (getbattleflag("item_rate_equip")%100 > 0)? (getbattleflag("item_rate_equip")/100):1):1); end; }
  5. Hello, I have a problem in altering Dancer's Ugly Dance/Hip Shaker skill, I would like to make this skill works like Bard's Dissonance. I tried to modify the skill.cpp like this: if (battle_check_target(src, target, flag) > 0) { switch (skill_id) { // Attack type songs case BA_DISSONANCE: case DC_UGLYDANCE: skill_attack(BF_MAGIC, src, src, target, skill_id, skill_lv, tick, 0); return 1; However, this modification is not worked in the game. If anyone know how to modify it, please help me
  6. Rizz

    Warp party check

    @Haruka Mayumi Wow, you are correct, it works. But I am confused because everytime I reload the script using @reloadnpc command the server said that I made an error or missing curlys, but if I try re-started the server, it worked normally. Anyway, thanks for both of you @Haruka Mayumi and @Patskie .
  7. Rizz

    Warp party check

    @Patskie , Thank you, but I still got an error which told me that I missed a curlys in my script. I tried to add and modifiy it but when I do so, the server only read the script till the line 6.
  8. Rizz

    Warp party check

    Thanks for your help Haruka
  9. Hi guys, I tried to make an npc which can teleport a player as long as he is in a party. If player doesnt, they cant use the warper. However, I always got an error which told me that I failed to put a curly in my script. prontera,145,199,4 script Struggler 10059,{ if (getcharid(1) == 0){ mes "^ff0000To enter, you must create or join a party of 1 or more members.^000000"; close; } else { mes [email protected]$; mes "Would you like to enter the dungeon?"; close2; warp "chalo2",70,114; end; } } I hope anyone can tell me where my mistake is. Thank you.
  10. Thanks, but after testing it, the setting does not affect the town map. That's the main problem my friend
  11. Hello, I have a problem in defining skill damage in skilldamage_db.txt. I want to edit skill damage which will take effect in every map. Previously I put this in skilldamage_db.txt: MO_FINGEROFFENSIVE,1,15,-60,-60,-60 However, it didn't affect the town/main town map or the reduction didn't occur in the town. It only affected the normal (?), pvp, gvg, and battleground maps. I hope someone tell me ragarding the solution
  12. Hello, previously I tried to apply refineUI based on Cydh and other fellow rathena contributor works (https://github.com/rathena/rathena/compare/master...cydh:feature/refineui_bs_blessing). I successfully enable the refineUI, however, after compiling I got these errors. I tried my best to fix it, but I failed to understand where my mistakes are. Moreover, when testing the refineUI, I got other problems: 1. Every oridecon/elunium types give 100% success chance regardless the refine level (+10 still give 100%). 2. There is no option to use ordinary oridecon/elunium (I can only use HD ori/elu, Blessed ore, and Old enriched). 3. I can use HD oridecon and elunium without following the item restriction. It should be available when the weapon surpasses +7, but I can use it even my weapon is +1. 4. The blacksmith blessing does not occur in refineUI option. 5. I always got this notification when compiling: 1>e:\fantasmagorica\server\lapine cdh\project lapine\src\map\pc.hpp(919): warning C4005: 'pc_cant_act': macro redefinition It happened after I put: #define pc_cant_act(sd) ( (sd)->npc_id || (sd)->state.vending || (sd)->state.buyingstore || (sd)->chatID || ((sd)->sc.opt1 && (sd)->sc.opt1 != OPT1_BURNING) || (sd)->state.trading || (sd)->state.storage_flag || (sd)->state.prevend || (sd)->state.lapine_ui ) #define pc_cant_act(sd) ( (sd)->npc_id || (sd)->state.vending || (sd)->state.buyingstore || (sd)->chatID || ((sd)->sc.opt1 && (sd)->sc.opt1 != OPT1_BURNING) || (sd)->state.trading || (sd)->state.storage_flag || (sd)->state.prevend || (sd)->state.refineui_open ) --->> this ----------------------- Here my src files that have been edited. I hope someone can tell me what should I do with these errors. Thanks in advance. 1.clif.cpp 2.status.cpp 3. status.hpp 4.skill.cpp 5.pc.cpp 6.pc.hpp
  13. Hello, I'd like to change several skill-based on kRO update, those skills are: -Bowling Bash: Will hit 4 times when mobs are more than 3. -Chain Combo: Having a 200% damage increase and 6 hits if players using knuckle. -BackStab: No longer need to be cast behind the target, will hit twice if using the dagger. -Crazy uppoar, Assumptio, Suffragium, Impositio manus, and song-based skills work to the user and nearby party members. (works like Gloria/Clementia etc) However, I am still confused about where should I edit in src. Any helps or directions given are appreciated.
  14. Thanks @Mabuhay , the configuration within 15x15 cell is worked.. and thank you @Diospectre for always helping me
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