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  1. every attempt out there to help me get started is appreciated, so I appreciate the advice. I guess I will start by learning basic scripting first. probably C++ I'm guessing? is that a good script to start with?
  2. So I've been googling and searching the forums for ages, but as a person with basically zero background in scripting/coding, I really have no idea where I should be beginning. A tip I was given was to get a server running locally (have done that) and start trying to give myself small tasks like creating an NPC. The problems I've come across is that more often than not there isn't really a clear guide or step by step process on how to do something. Or worse, guides will say "do this" and the the thing they suggest just doesn't exist for what I'm trying to do or have. Right now I'm kind of overwhelmed and don't know where I should begin as there is a lot of different things I can do and directions I can take. I'm more than willing to put in a lot of time and teach myself by reading, but I really do not know where to begin to start learning. I'm not looking to put up a Ragnarok server immediately, I just want to learn the fundamentals first. For information I followed the offline Rathena pack from 2018 in this guide to get a server running on my own pc. Its working just fine for me and I can functionally mess around with it in game, but now I want to get into the actual learning and editing. Adding stuff in, removing, changing, etc. I want to know how all that works and where I should start. What are the recommended starter projects? What should I be focusing on first? Any information is greatly appreciated.