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  1. Echoes's post in Error loading data account settings was marked as the answer   
    Thank you @Chaos92, @imat1 and @Harvin for your replies across this thread, there were really helpful and helped me troubleshooting the error!
    And what was the error? SHAME, SHAME ON ME: the error was the langtype, after reinstalling my kRO folder, reinstalling my DB and testing after every change and suggestion here, I thought well, what if Chile is no longer supported as a langtype? and voilà 🎉, changed to 1 instead of 17 (bye my chilito 😢) now I can put emblems, the error is no longer shown and I have response on webserv.bat!
    This is my new clientinfo since reinstalled kRO:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <desc>Ragnarok Client Information</desc> <servicetype>korea</servicetype> <servertype>primary</servertype> <connection> <display>rAthena</display> <address></address> <port>6900</port> <version>55</version> <langtype>1</langtype> <registrationweb></registrationweb> <loading> <image>loading00.jpg</image> <image>loading01.jpg</image> <image>loading02.jpg</image> <image>loading03.jpg</image> <image>loading04.jpg</image> <image>loading05.jpg</image> <image>loading06.jpg</image> </loading> <aid> <admin>2000000</admin> </aid> </connection> </clientinfo> Going to further test if I can use servicetype chile though 😈

    No error and emblem shown!

    Response on webserv.bat 🎉
  2. Echoes's post in Crash on character creation was marked as the answer   
    Okay, solution found!
    As stated in Hercules forums someone was having the same problem as I and they found it is related to DB error (wonder why?), and since I recently updated everything including DB I tought it may be something related to that too.
    I changed the SEX and EMAIL of my account to F & [email protected] instead and now I'm able to create my character! 🎉
  3. Echoes's post in Cash shop menu button missing was marked as the answer   
    SOLVED by using NOT RE client.
    Sadly, the graphic error persist at the bottom of the menu background

  4. Echoes's post in attempt to index global 'QuestInfoList' (a nil value) was marked as the answer   
    Thanks to Geo at Discord for telling me the error, which was this part of my settings:
    Patched my client using WARP to 'Customize OngoingQuestInfoList lub' file path 'System\OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN.lub'
    Fixed after modifying the path to 'System\OngoingQuestInfoList_True_EN' (without the '.lub')
  5. Echoes's post in Yet another 'Failed to connect to server' thread; no logserv.bat login attempt was marked as the answer   
    Had to change '<servertype>primary</servertype>' to '<servertype>sakray</servertype>' because the client wasn't opening
    It now tries to connect and I'm getting the Unregistered ID error.
    Weird.. what is different from my clientinfo?
    Well, your clientinfo made me question myself about the '<servicetype></servicetype>' part... and in my clientinfo it was 'english'.. which is non-existant nowadays; changed it to 'america' according to the very obvious list found on https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Clientinfo.xml and now my own clientinfo is working properly.
  6. Echoes's post in Can't compile successfully was marked as the answer   
    Hello and thank you for your suggestion.
    Now I'm getting a bunch of errors with MVS 2022 Community (couldn't find Express) about 'no file found in directory':
    C1083: Cannot open include file: 'crtdbg.h', 'inttypes.h', 'string.h', 'assert.h', 'float.h', 'math.h', 'stddef.h', 'stdio.h', 'stlib.h', 'time.h' Tried modifying the install to include Windows C Runtime and other stuff internet said about fixing this error but with no luck, do you have a list of needed components to install? MVS 2019 is the same in this aspect, so I haven't tried that one.
    First, I started using VS2022 instead of VS2017 as suggested by Brynner & Geo on Discord. Thank you both for your advices. Geo also told me to install VS2022 with 'Desktop development with C++'.
    Second, nitrous on Discord suggested me to build one project a time, starting from the problematic ryml. This suggestion combined with the third step I took: the re-installation of VS2022 now in my 'C:' drive instead made compiling the whole project successful; one at a time VS2022 built the whole project with no further problems.
    Thank you again for all your help in troubleshooting my problem. Will mark this post as solution to my post with the steps I took to fix the problems!
  7. Echoes's post in Make friends to connect my private server was marked as the answer   
    It has to be something with static IP? Though my IP doesn't change that often, I've done everything on every page with the ways they troubleshoot it with no success...

    Darn, hate hamachi to start using it again :/

    The game was using the clientinfo.xml from the Data folder.. not the one from the .grf...
  8. Echoes's post in Struggling to get client working... was marked as the answer   
    Make sure your .grf is using the lastest updates of data and so.
    And, when diff'ing your .exe, choose it to read itemInfo.lua instead of .lub manually (I got a pop up when choosing what to read first, and its path, simply change that b to an a)
  9. Echoes's post in Client Language? was marked as the answer   
    You may try with this link:
    Download it through TortoiseSVN and then update your data and .grf if needed.
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