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  1. This is handled by the script, and for enriched ores the function is rolled twice. (I personally don't think this is the official way).
  2. Well, you didn't add a morphembryo; in the second case.
  3. You might want to show the rest of the script for better help?
  4. According to the rA documentation - *rand(<number>{,<number>}); This function returns a number ... (if you specify one) ... randomly positioned between 0 and the number you specify -1. (if you specify two) ... randomly positioned between the two numbers you specify. rand(10) would result in 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 rand(0,9) would result in 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 rand(2,5) would result in 2,3,4 or 5 in your case, the rand can range 0~4 (6047 ~ 6051) where homunculus 6047 doesn't exist.
  5. So I decided to convert client side lua/text files to SQL for use on web applications. Repository: https://github.com/Smokexyz/ROClientSideDatabase Files done - iteminfo.lua questid2display.txt You could probably do cool things like make item/quest tooltips (like they do for WoW) or just link item/quest descriptions on your website. I'd be happy to help with PHP/JS stuff.
  6. What are the errors? Download this... hourly_points.txt
  7. There's no way unless modified in source. Even if you use getinventorylist; and loop through the items, there's no third argument for delitem to specify the inventory index.
  8. I've come up with something that I think would be cooler and can be altered further but I haven't checked it in-game. Please feel free to try the following piece of code - //===== Hourly Points Script ========================================= //===== By: ========================================================== //= Smokexyz //===== Current Version: ============================================= //= 1.0 //===== Compatible With: ============================================= //= Any eAthena Version //===== Description: ================================================= //= Get Points every specified seconds of gameplay. Conditional checks //= for AFK / Vending are provided. Permanent total character playtime //= is also calculated as a by-product. // - script sxyz_hourly_points -1,{ // Init the Awesomeness of this NPC. OnInit: .AFKCheckDelay, 300; // (in seconds) 5 minutes AFK Delay .RewardTimeDelay, 3600; // (in seconds) 1 hour delay between point giving. .RewardPoints, 10; // Points rewarded every .RewardTimeDelay .CheckAFK, 0; // Enable/Disable AFK Checks .CheckVendChat, 1; // Enable/Disable Vending/Chatting Checks. end; // Attach the timer when the player logs in. OnPCLoginEvent: attachnpctimer ""+strcharinfo(0)+""; addtimer 1000,"sxyz_hourly_points::OnProcess"; end; OnProcess: // Exclude Vendors from playtime/Afk Checks. if((checkvending() >= 1 || checkchatting()) && .CheckVendChat) { set [email protected], 1; } else if (.AFKCheckSeconds <= playtime && .CheckAFK) { getmapxy( [email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], 0 ); if ([email protected]$ == @map$ && [email protected] == @x && [email protected] == @y ) set [email protected], 1; } if ([email protected]) { [email protected] = gettimetick(2); // Reward the player if check passes. if (([email protected] - @last_active) >= .RewardTimeDelay) { set #REWARDPOINTS, #REWARDPOINTS+ .RewardPoints; dispbottom "[Hourly Points] You've gained "+.RewardPoints+" points! (Playtime: "+playtime+"s)"; } getmapxy( @map$, @x, @y, 0 ); set playtime,playtime++; set @last_active, gettimetick(2); } addtimer 1000,"sxyz_hourly_points::OnProcess"; end; }
  9. Bump, I'm willing to pay for this edit please pm me.
  10. Hi, I'm from India and currently receiving donations through paypal aren't permitted in our country. I will need to change this to a buy now button keeping the automated amount increment process, is there a simple way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Thank you for that, but unfortunately my script is more complex than just a single quest. If there isn't a general way I will have to resort to storing the id in a variable as you suggested.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to get the mob-id from specific hunting quest in quest_db.txt, for example : 7074,0,2017,1,0,0,0,0,"Rata Hunt" Is there a way i can pull 2017 or 1 via script command and use it in a script?
  13. Hello, Is it possible to use a data from a mysql database hosted on another vps via an npc script? somewhat like the way its possible with php. I'd just like to know this and if possible, how to do it. Thanks
  14. It says at mob.c:172 Check what you patched there.
  15. Smoke

    Fixed Cast

    Hello, rAthena uses the following code for skills that have no fixed casts. int fixed = skill_get_fixed_cast(skill_id, skill_lv); if( !fixed ) { fixed = skill_get_cast(skill_id, skill_lv); fixed = ( fixed > 1 ? ( fixed * 20 / 100 ) : 0 ); } This means if fixed = 0, then fixed = 20% of the base cast? This means all skills that have no set fixed cast in skill_cast_db.txt, will still have fixed casts. If so is this really how it is in the officials? For example using RA_ARROWSTORM skill has 0 fixed cast according to source . But then it still has 20% of the variable amount as fixed cast time?
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