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  1. January Digest 2013

    I don't see the need to move you in the Community Contributors group btw.
  2. r16771: Client MD5 Hash Check

    wow pretty nice changes +1
  3. Remote database: decrease performance?

    if you are pulling user info and char info on a CP from a remote database that will be fine, you have to set the permission for the host to access the database. not much impact/performance degrade
  4. request anti rpe wpe

    go for Harmony or Vanguard
  5. SQL Control Panel w/ *nix/BSD Management Support

    All the codes you claim you "write" is from Ceres and please do not remove their credits.
  6. r15503: TXT save engine removed

    Finally! let me sync up my source!
  7. Whatsup!?

    I'm finally back to the athena community
  8. Hiring Chinese Translators!

    applied for the Chinese translator