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  1. Why should be portable? RO just runs on Windows. Knowing how something works, mainly having the source, is the first step to bypass something.
  2. Well, it would be practically a complete rewrite.
  3. 1. This shouldn't be opensource neither in the server neither in the client, or it can be easily bypassed. 2. Analysing the module codes pratically every module creates a thread with an infinite loop, extreme overhead. 3. Will work only with a small range of clients. I could present several more inconsistencies on his code but I'm lazy o-o
  4. Better graphics, better performance, new content, new features, which I'm planning of use.
  5. I'm not testing any network yet, so I don't have a emulator. I'm developing it on Windows but I want to be cross-platform, so I'm settuping a Linux environment here. I'm also considering givin up on C++ so I could use a powerful 3D library I developed in C# for a commercial MMORPG that I'm working.
  6. nop, I'm just with some problems at home. Soon I'll restart the development
  7. I'm busy these days so I couldn't do anything :/
  8. You can make almost anything you want but there is no tools for such things. You'll have to write your own tools and developing them is almost impossible for begginers
  9. We discussed tabs vs spaces over IRC and as far I remember we choosed spaces.
  10. Implemented in r16968.
  11. GUI interaction using a MVVM pattern:
  12. I want to cry every time I see how our code isn't uniform, each file/function uses a different code style. It already was proposed before, but let's reconsider: We should normalize our source with astyle( We just have a problem, it will break all patches. What you guys think about it? And what style we should use, Allman? K&R?
  13. @java I'm creating a guide on how to build it. @Jupeto Can you add me on msn/skype so we can discuss about the GUI? I loved your design