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  1. Adel's Sprite Showcase

    do you sell any of these?
  2. Client Side - Some sound effects don't play

    a friend just asked me about this, something about potions without sound, did you find a solution for this?
  3. Icering

  4. Gepard.grf

    so you were triying to cheat m8
  5. Any trusted hosting?

    ovh =)
  6. Ayuda quiero hacer ancient mi emulador

    Es posible, de hecho bajo tu propia mano. Solo investiga un poco sobre que mobs/items habia y que mapas no estaban etc. Conozco personas que lanzaron sus servidores ancient pero dudo que quieran dar su trabajo gratis aunque no se, te puedo pasar el contacto si gustas
  7. is there a Gepard Installation guide?

    as i know he give you a guide isn't it? after you purchase the service
  8. Where we can buy Gepard Shield

    he usually answer fast, he may be busy.
  9. [ayuda] con el 2011-10-25aRagexeRE

    El ShinsDiffPatcher es la que uso. Si mal no recuerdo en NEMO hay un diff para el booking, te sugiero lo intentes ya con un patch parchado.
  10. [ayuda] con el 2011-10-25aRagexeRE

    Que programa estas usando para diffear tu cliente?
  11. Need Guide For Grf Encryption Please Help me

    I can help you with SecureGRF, it works perfectly for me but you need w7 in order to encrypt files with it.
  12. Nice to meet you all!

    And the forum design isn't friendly tbh