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  1. Helped me setup Flux, Patcher, and a live server. And is still helping with support questions. Has experience, and is straight to the point. Recommended service. Thank you. Sryx
  2. To be honest, I'd buy that service. If you know anyone that can do it, please get me in contact with that person.
  3. Yes, exactly, where would I go about creating a hard ASPD cap for each item class? Edit: Oh sorry, I didn't read, as your post got upvoted to the top. +1!
  4. I'm talking about setting a new hard cap for MAX_ASPD, based on which weapon class is equipped.
  5. Wait what?? If base class is Job Mage, or Job Archer, Your Bonus ASPD Rate goes up 10% or goes down 10%?? That makes no sense at all in what I'm asking. =/ I'm asking for something like: If(Weapon_Equip_Class == SHOTGUN) { set MAX_APSD,170; } Or something in that kind of behavior.
  6. Is game master menu enabled by default?
  7. Read this on the wiki, but there's no source on what the heck master menu is, or what it even refers to... Anyone know?
  8. ranmaster27

    CAP Aspd

    Is there a way to cap ASPD based on what weapon type is equipped?
  9. Has anyone officially solved this problem?? I've having it right now at the moment, with the latest rathena files from git. The clan tables can't be created on mysql, but I don't see any notible syntax errors on the clan code at all... Help?
  10. I was wondering if it was possible to chain a skill after one skill hits, with an adjustable ratio based off of the SKL Level learnt. I was trying to make it so the skill Envenom, can chain GC's Venom Impress and inflict it on the Target after Envenom has hit. Having trouble making it work in the source code. I looked at the code for Dark Illusion chaining off, Cross Impact, but I wasn't able to replicate it. Also, how would I go coding, an autocast skill from a normal attack, like how Monk's Raging Trifecta Blow works? EXAMPLE: If Knight is equipped with a spear, if they learned the Skill, Pierce, it will Autocast Pierce when normal attacking. Cast rate is based off of the skill level learned. RO's got a lot obsolete skills, and I was planning on turning them into Passive/Autocast skills, so Hot Keys can be focused more on Active Key Skills, rather than 3 bars used filled with almost useless skills after class change. Please let me know, and thanks much for helping. Ran
  11. Vit DEF is too high, and Tao Gunka only reduces Armor Def, not VIT DEF. If you wanna lower Thana damage, you'll have to lower your VIT, this forces players to not just max out vit for PVP, because it makes TANK classes like Paladin/Sacrifice too good with no weaknesses. Thana is a little hard to balance on higher rate server since stats easily go pass 150, but the beautiful thing about Thanatos is because it is literally a Tank Shredder. Try again with about 100 VIT and you'll see the difference in damage.
  12. If I remember in Pre-Renewal, Thana used used on any player with vit def over 90+, the damage really starts to amplify quiet alot. How much vit does your target opponent have? Or in this case, "Arche?" Is his Vit Maxed out? Because if it is, that would explain the high damage on the Tao Gunka Armor. As for the Ghostring Armor, I would have to see a screen shot of an elemental converter Ice Pick, vs Ghostring to see if damaged is amplified as well. Other wise, a Neutral Ice Pick, vs Ghostring will have it's total damage cut by 75%, only outputting 25% damage, due to the elemental resist.
  13. How much vit def does "Arche" have?? If I remember correctly, Thana/Ice Pick amplifies dmg based on def+vit def. Also, you should post screenies of your damage with different elements to see if it's just an element issue or maybe you changed the code a bit?
  14. Ohhh right, lemme look at that script real quick.
  15. I wanted to make Maya Purple card auto cast the effect of Intravision on self for 3 seconds when damage has been taken. How would I script that in the script lines??
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