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  1. You do not need to install phpmyadmin to perform mysql operations. You can login to mysql using mysql -u root -p'mypassword' and create a new database and user from this command line tool. You can google the SQL commands to do that if you are not familiar with mysql syntax. The reason I recommended phpmyadmin is because for users with no sql experience it might be easy, but in new debian versions the process to install phpmyadmin changed and you need to assign phpmyadmin privileges manually before it can control your database.
  2. Why is that I am getting many errors ? The syntax seems completely messed up somehow, maybe pastebin issue ? [Error]: Loading NPC file: npc/custom/dakado/worldboss.txt script error on npc/custom/dakado/worldboss.txt line 177 parse_simpleexpr: unmatched ')' 172 : [email protected]_id = .event_mobs[ [email protected]_mob ]; 173 : 174 : // Select random map 175 : [email protected] = 0; 176 : [email protected]_map = rand( getarraysize( .event_maps$ ) ); // Random map index number * 177 : while(inarray'('[email protected]_MAP$[0], .event_maps$[[email protected]_map]) != -1) { 178 : if([email protected] > .loop_max) { 179 : debugmes .npc_name$+"::OnEnable event map max loop count!"; 180 : //announce "[World Boss] Event has been cancelled! Could not find free event map!", BC_ALL, 0xFF0000; 181 : end; 182 : } [Error]: npc_parsesrcfile: Unknown syntax in file 'npc/custom/dakado/worldboss.txt', line '943'. Stopping... * w1=function script WB_ResetPartyAccess { * w2= * w3= * w4= [Info]: Done loading '18578' NPCs: -'3882' Warps -'284' Shops -'14411' Scripts -'3722' Spawn sets -'56389' Mobs Cached -'0' Mobs Not Cached
  3. Ok solved, it does not have any effect modifying lua files folder, but it does have effect when I edited lubfiles514 folder. You shoul update your github wiki about custom items then.
  4. Hello, I have added custom wings on my server, I can equip them I do get the bonus from them I can see the icon and collection icon of the item but when I equip them I just cannot see them on my character, I have the same viewID in my server item_db.txt as well as in my client file itemInfo, I have edited the accesoryid and accname with the same viewid (I have not skipped any I added it directly after the last item). There are not any errors, sprites are loaded because I can see the drop sprite. And as I clear can see the item drop sprite I must have done everything correctly and the sprite is loaded correctly but it just does not appear on my back when I equip it, what am I doing wrong ? I can see them even if I drop them on the ground: So the sprites must be loaded correctly. Info: Client: 2015-10-29aRagexe Client is diffed with 2100 headgear limit viewID in itemInfo.lua is the same as on my server item_db.txt and as well as in accname.lub and accessoryid.lub files I dont have any sprites errors what so ever. Thanks in advance, Dakado PS: If you help me I will give you a lot of custom private wings sprites if you want of course
  5. Is there any way I can buff the skill to the pre-renewal level again or at least edit or see the formula of the bonus dmg ? Somewhere in source ? The problem is I dont even know its ID or in-game name.
  6. Hello, I was playing on Tsb RO (old server from 2011) and they had a goldroom there with Porings that had like 10M HP, there was a good build for Star Gladiator based on that after Miracle of the Sun is activated your basic attack damage was 999,999 (1M+), without the spell I had only like 80-90K dmg per hit (no spells casted at all) but on my server I cannot reproduce that, is it possible to edit the bonus damage or something about this spell has changed in Renewal ? EDIT: For some reason my star gladiator cannot get that skill activated even if I have edited /conf/battle/skill.conf // Allow use of SG skills without proper day (Sun/Moon/Star) ? allow_skill_without_day: yes // Allow use of ES-type magic on players? allow_es_magic_player: no // Miracle of the Sun, Moon and Stars skill ratio (100% = 10000) sg_miracle_skill_ratio: 2000 // Miracle of the Sun, Moon and Stars skill duration in milliseconds sg_miracle_skill_duration: 3600000 // Angel of the Sun, Moon and Stars skill ratio (100% = 10000) sg_angel_skill_ratio: 2000 So I should have 20% chance of activating that skill on every attack or move I make right ? So why even after 2 hours of walking in one map I have nothing ? Thanks.
  7. I am glad you find it helpful, it took me a while to put all of this together
  8. Hello, I have just set up my server + client and as I had some problems during the setup + I didnt really find any tutorial with working donwload links I decided to share my knowledge that I gained during setting up my server, so here we go. Requirements: OS: Debian 9 (Virtual box or VPS) with root access Some things have changed on newer debian 10+ versions: (do this instead of the below specified step 4) ) 4) apt install g++-10 libssl-dev build-essential libmysqlclient-dev Server side setup on Debian: 1) Run apt update: apt-get update 2) Install this software if you dont have it already: git make default-libmysqlclient-dev zlib1g-dev libpcre3-dev apt-get install git make default-libmysqlclient-dev zlib1g-dev libpcre3-dev 3) Add unstable sources list to apt (dont worry it wont break anything it is just dev version), after that run update again: echo "deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian unstable main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/unstable.list apt-get update 4) Install GCC and G++ compilers for C/C++ (programming language in which the rAthena server software is written): (IMPORTANT USE THESE COMMANDS ONE BY ONE DO NOT COPY ALL 4 AND PASTE IT INTO TERMINAL BECAUSE U NEED TO ACCEPT THE INSTALL BEFORE EXECUTING LN COMMANDS) Do not execute all of 4 commands at the same time, copy first command, wait until it finishes after that second and so on: apt-get install -t unstable gcc-5 apt-get install -t unstable g++-5 ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-5 /usr/bin/gcc ln -s /usr/bin/g++-5 /usr/bin/g++ 5) Now its time to download rAthena: cd /home git clone https://github.com/rathena/rathena.git ~/rAthena 6) Configure it for compiling by (this command must be called in the folder where you downloaded the rAthena): ./configure 7) Now build the server (this command must be called in the folder where you downloaded the rAthena): make server Before you can run it, you must make all server executables executable: chmod a+x login-server && chmod a+x char-server && chmod a+x map-server MySQL Database setup (skip this if you already have MySQL, apache and phpmyadmin and continue with step 18): Database creation (skip this if you know how to create a new database): 21) Now go to your server files and find this file: /rAthena/sql-files/main.sql and upload it and import it. 22) Now you just need to setup the database to the rAthena, so go to the file: /rAthena/conf/inter_athena.conf, full in username and password from the user you created via phpmyadmin: // MySQL Login server login_server_ip: login_server_port: 3306 login_server_id: USER_NAME login_server_pw: PASSWORD login_server_db: USER_NAME login_codepage: login_case_sensitive: no ipban_db_ip: ipban_db_port: 3306 login_server_id: USER_NAME login_server_pw: PASSWORD login_server_db: USER_NAME ipban_codepage: // MySQL Character server char_server_ip: char_server_port: 3306 login_server_id: USER_NAME login_server_pw: PASSWORD login_server_db: USER_NAME // MySQL Map Server map_server_ip: map_server_port: 3306 login_server_id: USER_NAME login_server_pw: PASSWORD login_server_db: USER_NAME 23) Now we need to setup server IPs: Go to: /rAthena/conf/ Open: char_athena.conf server_name: YOUR_SERVER_NAME login_ip: //just uncomment this line and let it like bind_ip: //uncoment this line and set it to (bind to all interfaces) char_ip: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX //set it to your WAN IP (public IP) //Find this values and set it to no: pincode_enabled: no pincode_force: no Open: map_athena.conf char_ip: //uncoment and let it like this bind_ip: //uncoment and set it to map_ip: //set it to your WAN IP (public IP) Open: login_athena.conf bind_ip: //uncoment this and set it to 25) Now you need to setup spawn: Open /rAthena/conf/char_athena.conf And set start point like this: start_point: prontera,155,182 26) Now we need to disable packet encryption: Go to this file: /src/config/packets.h Make it look like this to disable packet encryption (obfuscation), comment out only 4 lines which I "highlighted", do not touch anything else): // Copyright (c) rAthena Dev Teams - Licensed under GNU GPL // For more information, see LICENCE in the main folder #ifndef _CONFIG_PACKETS_H_ #define _CONFIG_PACKETS_H_ /** * rAthena configuration file (http://rathena.org) * For detailed guidance on these check http://rathena.org/wiki/SRC/config/ **/ #ifndef PACKETVER /// Do NOT edit this line! To set your client version, please do this instead: /// In Windows: Add this line in your src\custom\defines_pre.h file: #define PACKETVER YYYYMMDD /// In Linux: The same as above or run the following command: ./configure --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD /// original value: 20151104 #define PACKETVER 20151104 #endif #ifndef PACKETVER_RE /// From this point on only kRO RE clients are supported #if PACKETVER > 20170614 #define PACKETVER_RE #endif #endif #if PACKETVER >= 20110817 /// Comment to disable the official packet obfuscation support. /// This requires PACKETVER 2011-08-17 or newer. ///#ifndef PACKET_OBFUSCATION --------------------------comment out this line ///#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION --------------------------comment out this line // Define these inside src/custom/defines_pre.h or src/custom/defines_post.h //#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_KEY1 <key1> //#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_KEY2 <key2> //#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_KEY3 <key3> /// Comment this to disable warnings for missing client side encryption ///#define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_WARN --------------------------comment out this line ///#endif --------------------------comment out this line #else #if defined(PACKET_OBFUSCATION) #error You enabled packet obfuscation for a version which is too old. Minimum supported client is 2011-08-17. #endif #endif #ifndef DUMP_UNKNOWN_PACKET //#define DUMP_UNKNOWN_PACKET #endif #ifndef DUMP_INVALID_PACKET //#define DUMP_INVALID_PACKET #endif /** * No settings past this point **/ /// Check if the specified packetversion supports the pincode system #define PACKETVER_SUPPORTS_PINCODE PACKETVER >= 20110309 /// Check if the client needs delete_date as remaining time and not the actual delete_date (actually it was tested for clients since 2013) #define PACKETVER_CHAR_DELETEDATE (PACKETVER > 20130000 && PACKETVER <= 20141022) || PACKETVER >= 20150513 /// Check if the specified packetvresion supports the cashshop sale system #define PACKETVER_SUPPORTS_SALES PACKETVER >= 20131223 #endif // _CONFIG_PACKETS_H_ 27) Now its time to recompile server: make clean make server 25) Now you can start the server (execute this command from the main server directory): ./athena-start start Client side setup on windows: 1) Download full kRO client from one of this links: [Link 1], [Link 2], [Link 3] 2) Unpack it to a new clear folder 3) Download NEMO: [Link 1], [Link 2] (prefer Link 1) 4) Unpack the NEMO wherever you want to 5) Download Ragexe client [Link 1], or any other Ragexe from https://rathena.org/board/forum/99-client-releases/ but 2016+ clients are not fully supported by NEMO so you might run into issue, better download 2015 client 6) Unpack the Ragexe into your ragnarok client folder 7) Download GRF Editor and install it whereever you want Now its time to open NEMO program - Click on browse and navigate to the Ragexe client you downloaded - Click on LOAD CLIENT button - In the search filed type "Disable packet Encryption" click on the red circle to make it green - Find "Skip licence screen" and make it green - Find "Use Ragnarok icon" and make it green - Find "Custom Window Title" here you can write name of your RO client (whatever you want) - Now just click "APPLY SELECTED" and it will create a new .exe file - this is the file you will run to start your client, but dont start it yet 9) Open GRF Editor - Click on File -> Open and open data.grf (this file is in the main folder of your unpacked client) - Now type in the serach window clientinfo.xml and open the file, now edit the <address> to the adress where your server is running. NOTE: If the file is empy and does not contain <adress> line, try other GRF files in the main client folder - After edditing the address click on save and override the file. 10) Now you just need to setup packtversion on the server to match your ragexe, so go to your server and write to terminal: In this case I put there 20151029 which is the release date of the Ragexe, if you have downloaded other, put there your number of your ragexe you downloaded, these commands must be performed from the folder of your server, stop the server if you already started it: ./rAthena stop ./configure --enable-packetver=20151029 make clean make server 11) Start the client and play! FAQ:
  9. Solved: I used 2015 Ragexe, patched it with NEMO without any errors (I think NEMO has problems with 2016+ clients), I configured server with ./configure --enable-packetver=20151029 then recompiled the server and it works perfectly, and I disabled packet encryption in /src/config/packets.h and in client side as well. I needed to change the spawn to prontera as well because the default spawn in the water map is broken because you cannot move. You can close this thread and mark as solved. Thank for all your replies guys.
  10. Ok it works, now it does not throw any errors during start, but I am still getting this error: I can click OK and proceed to the char selection, but after that I am disconnected from server, this is from server console: [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x05b4, 19 bytes received), disconnecting session #8.
  11. This is the error from NEMO after clicking "select recommended" And these are errors when I try to run Ragexe: After clicking OK ragnarok starts but after login just before char select I have this error:
  12. Thank you for reply, however I have exactly the same problem (new values is the same as old) with the new NEMO, it creates the _patched exe but the only thing I can see is a gray empty window after I try to run it. Steps I did: 1) Unpacked the full kRO RE client files 2) Downloaded NEMO and unpacked to the same folder 3) Opened NEMO, Loaded 2015-10-29aRagexe 4) Checked read data first 5) Clicked select recommended (this is where the errors pops up) 6) Clicked apply - it creates the exe but it throws errors during startup but it starts later on)
  13. Hello, I have managed to compile, setup and start the latest rAthena server, server is running just fine. I have managed to connect to my server but via old diffed exe that I donwloaded randomly from somewhere but I cannot move in the latest rAthena server probably because of the water so I need to make a new exe but I have no idea how. I have searhced tens of hours, no luck, all guides with broken link didnt worked. I have NEMO, I have downloaded latest kRO from here: But I am getting this error: So I cannot really create my own exe. Any help would be appareciated, thanks. Dakado
  14. I have nVidia GTX 970, but there is no option in Setup.exe to set it to my integrated card from Intel.
  15. Yeah, thanks. But what about the black dots on map ? I tried to change my client settings and resolution multiple times but nothing really helped. I see those black dots only on some maps and only on some locations.
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