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  1. Hello po ! Thank you for visiting my thread. Saan po pala nakikita yung mga sound effects ng sa ragnarok? Like yung sa asura sa ibang skills? Thanks!
  2. I still need help :\ .
  3. So here is it.
  4. I still need help :-S
  5. 20001,ICY_FAIRY_WINGS,ICY_FAIRY_WINGS,5,10000,,10,,10,,4,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,001,,0,0,1001,{ bonus bAllStats,+5; },{},{}
  6. LOL. Inisa ko lang po kasi yang picture na yan. It means that droppable siya na may preview, walang preview pag nasa inventory, may preview pag sinuot, and wala rin preview pag nasa alt Q.
  7. I'll try this when I get back home. Thanks! It works now however the delitem wont work :|.
  8. Ok thanks! I'll try it when I get back in home. Same as the one as I said. :|
  9. It's still the same. :| Still need help here
  10. Hello there! I tried your script how ever it doesn't recognized a name. + An error in this line delitem2 7420, 1, 0, 0, 254, 0, .cible_cid & 0x00FFFF, .cible_cid >> 16;
  11. I mean just to specific skulls? Like My skull only? Thanks! And could you please put some examples of the codes? Thanks
  12. Hello! I would like just to request something? I wanted to create a npc that trades a card for specific players like for example: Anonymous (This is a real IGN) Skull can be tradable into a card. Would you think it would work? Thanks!
  13. It's inside. and
  14. Hello! Can someone tell me which part is the problem? Thanks! ++ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: FILE NAME: datasprite¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®³² ³²_Icy_Fairy_Wings ³²_Icy_Fairy_Wings.spr datasprite¾Ç¼¼»ç¸®¿© ¿©_Icy_Fairy_Wings ¿©_Icy_Fairy_Wings.spr accname.lua: [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_ICY_FAIRY_WINGS] = "_ICY_FAIRY_WINGS", accessoryid.lua ACCESSORY_ICY_FAIRY_WINGS = 1001, idnum2itemdesctable: Icy Fairy Wings Agi, Dex +250 Increase damage on Demi-Humans by 10% Reduce damage taken from Demi-Humans by 10% Enables level 4 Water Ball Enables level 5 Deluge Class :^777777 Headgear^000000 Defense :^777777 0^000000 Equipped on :^777777 Lower^000000 Weight :^777777 10^000000 Applicable Job :^777777 Every Job^000000 # idnum2itemdisplaynametable: 20001#Icy_Fairy_Wings# idnum2itemresnametable: 20001#Icy_Fairy_Wings# num2itemresnametable: 20001#¼±¹°»óÀÚ_4#
  15. ARARARAR rarararar..