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About renewal ASPD

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I helped in gathering data, so I know that this is official (at least it was when RE came out).


My problem is the following:


Concentration potion: +4 aspd

Awakening potion: +6 aspd 

Berserk potion: +9 aspd


Since the formula is bonus = ((agi/200)*additive_bonuses)


You need 

Concentration potion: 50 AGI

Awakening potion: 33 AGI

Berserk potion: 22 AGI

for 1 points of ASPD increase from the corresponding potions.


This looks ultra stupid, when you take in account the level from which the potions are usable from:

Concentration potion: Base ALL

Awakening potion: Base 40

Berserk potion: Base 85


So the result is that if you are a class, for example Thief, that can use both Awa and Conc, you will never use Cocn, because by the time you can achieve 50 agi for only 1 aspd increase, you will already be Base Level 40 and thus able to use Awa, which will give "almost 2aspd". This renders the Conc potion useless for every low level characters. The only ones interested in it will be the ones who can use only conc.. This makes conc pot a waste of money for almost all classes, and leaves newbs without any aspd increase.


Is this still the official way for aspd bonuses? Because this AGI/200 thing ruins it all...




I tested a bit more and I see that the situation is maybe not as drastic as I described. The base and bonus aspd calculation is done with float values, so when you have 26 agi, the aspd is half way there for the next value, so adding a 0.5 aspd, that comes from the conc pot kicks the aspd to the higher value. So actually conc pot will give +1aspd from 26agi, because of this. But this is still not a relief for absolute beginners... So the "no level restriction" for concentration potion is still a bit pointless. Yes, don't buy it if it's useless, but what I'm trying to say is that the current system penalizes the low ones and rewards the higl lvl characters more than I think it would be appropriate. Since many balance patches came out in the last few years, I think there's the possibility that Gravity also balanced something on this. If anyone has info regarding this please share it with us :)

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This is a valid concern, I noticed ASPD boosting effects do close to nothing early on. I do believe this is official.

While the idea of these effects scaling with AGI is good - stacking ASPD bonus effects to get max ASPD without investing much in AGI definitely isn't good for game balance - the implementation could be better.

I don't expect Gravity to do anything about it - from what I see they don't care about low level content.

This is what I did on my private server : https://github.com/SeravySensei/rathena/commit/c9e3de250489044ec2f862e41f119e8f70f62686#diff-acba7818fb777457f5cbbcea9293f9c4

It basically allows a certain portion of the ASPD bonus to use a more beneficial formula below 100 AGI, without affecting anything above, scaling the effect more in favor of the better formula the lower the AGI is. (but as AGI itself is part of it, you still need at least some of it to receive any bonus, however it is an amount reasonable for the low level character)

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I have an old eathena emulator that have the iRO aspd formula coded and working exactly has iRO. But I'm lazzy to apply it on new rathena. If someone is motivate to apply it to rathena just contact me.

The iRO formula is more easy to kro one.

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