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Monsterally Command

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File Name: [source] Monsterally Command

File Submitter: Zephyr

File Submitted: 17 Dec 2012

File Category: Source Modifications

Content Author: Keops (rAthena) or Zephyr (brAthena)

With this script command, you can create sized monsters, big, small or normal, monsters to help some guild, char or party, and you can also define an event like the "monster" script command.

You can also control the AI of a monster, if you know how to work with AI and if you know how the effects, you can change the number according to AI that you want to use. Anyway, if you don't know about AIs, always use the number 0 or 1 for the AI argument.

You can control the quantity of the spawned monsters too, like the 'monster' script command.

Size types: 1 = Small, 2 = Big, 3 or 0 = Normal Size.

How to use the command:

monsterally <"Map">,<X Coord>,<Y Coord>,<"Name">,<Mob ID>,
<Quantity>,<Guild ID>,<Party ID>,<Acc ID>,<Size>,<AI>{,<"Event">}

This is very usefull for events or other things.

Affected files:








Contents of this package:


Screenshots folder

NPC "monsterally" named "npc_test.txt" used on Demonstration Video

Demonstration Video:

Click here to download this file

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very nice, how about AI that could another AI

like DOTA


AI a vs AI b

is it posible?


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can you make a source that would enable a "Farmiliar" system? Almost like the humunculus, but this one's for all jobs. Stats would be based just from the mob db so it won't be a hassle, then the stats on level up would be just calculated via percentage so definition of stat growth would not be necessary. as for the skills, skills would be based from the mob_skill_db. well, if only possible. :P

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Is this working for the last Rathena version ? 

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