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max level error and "table .manner doesn't exist"



The max level increase seems to be working fine but is there anyway to stop those errors from showing in console?

As for the ".manner" table, I have no idea what's happening there. I'm running on the latest SVN with a fresh database and this that SQL error shows every time a character logs in game. Can anyone give some insight?

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ah so that's where it is.. i was looking for it in battle.h and mmo.h... thanks! :)

i tried looking for manner table but couldn't find it.. the only thing i found was a column for manner in the char table.

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Hello, sizenine

That's a script error. manner is not a table. otherwise, it is a column inside the `char` table.

it should be from `char`, not from `manner`.

Otherwise, is that your own script or others or does it belong to the server?

Have a nice day!

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