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Fixed stat equip


Hello! I would like to request a database script for an equip that would give a fixed stat.

Example: an item that fixes str at 50. So if how much the str of a character it would increase/decrease to 50.

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Didn't realize there's command like that :P btw didn't that have to put in OnEquip script? and a OnEquip script is needed imo

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I don't think you should put this in the OnEquip section, since the OnEquip section is like a, Run 1 time, then stop area. Meaning, if it's on the OnEquip section and you equip it, your str will go to 50, but if you equip other items after that, it'd increase it as well. (Atleast I'm pretty sure that's what will happen).

However if you just put it in the normal script section, it'll do a sort of, (loop refresh) constantly making sure your str does what it's supposed to. Meaning any gear equipped later on, shouldn't affect it.

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wtf ... the topic asked for temporary stat change into 50 str regardless of their base str high or low

the hell you modify the player's stat permanently ?


I remember I put up a database FAQ about OnEquip something on post#2


something like this should work

bonus bstr, ~readparam(bstr) + 51;

however note that other items that give str bonus cannot be track currently

need a custom script command


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Oops post typo, I mean use OnEquip and OnUnEquip. If bStr, readparam(bStr)+51 will increase current str by 51 (Example 99+51) but what TS wan is fix at 50...

That is why I say emistry script should put OnEquip and save str to variable then return when OnUnequip...

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even by use OnEquip and OnUnEquip with *statusup2 script command

still need to save a temporal player variable to keep track of original base str of the player has ... isn't it ?

without saving a temporal player variable, player might exploit this system by not spending on str stats, get this item equipped, gaining free str stats

EDIT: oh your edit, you meant

{ statusup2 .... }, { set @temp, readparam(bstr); },{ statusup2 ... str value back into @temp }

read carefullly, it is

~readparam(bStr) +51

there is a -> ~ <- symbol to invert numbers between positive and negative

prontera,157,175,5	script	ksdjfhdksf	100,{
input [email protected], -2000000000, 2000000000;
dispbottom ( [email protected] + [email protected] )+""; // always shows -1
dispbottom ( [email protected] + 1 )+""; // turns positive into negative numbers, or the opposite
dispbottom ( [email protected] + [email protected] + 50 + 1 )+""; // always show 50

~ is a number inverter when add up by itself, always return -1

since the topic wants 50, I did ( 50 + 1 ), which is 51

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