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Homunculus S / Super Novice Extended


Anyone got a script captured already on iRO or somewhere else for this?


Geneticists the world over Rejoice as monsters tremble before the might of the newly acquired Homunculus S! Homunculii have been the stalwart ally of Alchemists and Biochemists for years, but with the newly evolved power of monsters and the discovery of the 3rd classes, the poor Homunculus could only hope to protect their masters for a few moments before being knocked out. Their underpowered selves really felt bad that they couldn't be stronger.

To mutate your Homunculus into a Homunculus S you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a Geneticist.
  • Your Homunculus Must be evolved into their 2nd form.
  • The Homunculus must be at least level 99.

Once mutated, the Homunculus' form will completely change into the New "S" form. The Homuculus will remember all of its prior evolved form's skills, but be careful, because the stats WILL change. If you did not get the Evolved Loyalty Skill, you will not be able to acquire it after Mutating. New Homunculus S skills will become available as your Homunculus reaches certain skill and level requirements. Each Homunculus type can evolve into any Homunculus S. The resulting Homunculus S type is random unless you pay a fee.

Also the Super Novice 2 script would be nice.


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Thank you very much. I am not looking to run them in rAthena, but in Aegis. But if you guys already got the scripts it's easier to convert them for aegis than capture them on iRO :)

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Hm, ok, I'll wait with Homun S script then.

AEGIS is using one more function that is not reflected by that script.

CheckHomunLevel -> returns the homun level

CheckHomunMutation -> 0 if not evolved, 1 if evolved, 2 if Homun S

CheckHomunCall -> I think this returns if Call Homunculus is skilled

SetReadyMutationHomun -> This removes your current homunculus and you will get an Strange Embry (http://www.divine-pride.net/item/6415)

MutationHomun ID -> this actually gives you the new Homunculus.

Not sure why they are using the SetReadyMutationHomun.

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