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  1. Euphy's post in Fallen Angel Wing Enchants was marked as the answer   
    The basic idea is:
    Block equipment changing (disable_items) -- very important! Store all the equipment data you want to keep for the gear to enchant (i.e. location, item ID, cards, refines...). Find a free card slot for the enchantment. Generate a random item ID for the enchantment. Delete the old gear (delequip), then use getitem2 to create a new piece of equipment slotted with the enchantment.
  2. Euphy's post in Eden Group Issues was marked as the answer   
    These are custom to iRO, and were removed on other servers in an update iRO didn't adopt. You can check the file history to get the older version of the script with those NPCs.
  3. Euphy's post in Safe Refine Ticket Refiner was marked as the answer   
    That's a bug in the script (I wonder why no one reported it). Fixed in 1d21607.
  4. Euphy's post in help to execut convert_itemtype.pl was marked as the answer   
  5. Euphy's post in Switching to Renewal from Pre-Re was marked as the answer   
    It might be an incorrect 'class' field. For example, you'll want '63' to include all third classes, whereas you probably had a Pre-Renewal value of '7'.
  6. Euphy's post in Chaning default spawn points? was marked as the answer   
    There's no such thing as a "spawn point". If you're referring to the Kafra savepoints, the coordinates are in npc/kafras/kafras.txt. If you mean @go coordinates, those are in src/map/atcommand.c.
  7. Euphy's post in WoE Control Rathena Original Bugged was marked as the answer   
    It's not a bug. On official servers, if a castle is unconquered, it can be freely taken at any time.
  8. Euphy's post in Character Vibes was marked as the answer   
    Oh, I also didn't read carefully enough. XD
    The cleanest way is to add your own constants in db/const.txt (anywhere is fine), for example:

    // these are separated by tabs ALIGN_GOOD 1 ALIGN_EVIL 2 ALIGN_CHAOTIC 3In scripts, you'd treat these the same as numbers. Using the character variable 'align', for example:
    // set an alignment mes "You are now aligned with evil."; align = ALIGN_EVIL; // check an alignment if (align == ALIGN_GOOD) do this; else if (align == ALIGN_EVIL) do that; else if (align == ALIGN_CHAOTIC) do another; else // not aligned
  9. Euphy's post in Autotrade Message was marked as the answer   
    Search for the text in src/map/clif.c, comment or delete the relevant lines, and recompile.

    // if player is autotrading if (dstsd->state.autotrade == 1) { char output[256]; safesnprintf(output,sizeof(output),"%s is in autotrade mode and cannot receive whispered messages.", dstsd->status.name); clif_wis_message(fd, wisp_server_name, output, strlen(output) + 1); return; }
  10. Euphy's post in tcg code was marked as the answer   
    Use hex color codes, e.g.

    mes "^FF0000This text is displayed in red.^000000"; mes "You can also ^FFFF00highlight^000000 individual blocks."
  11. Euphy's post in custom refiner NPC was marked as the answer   
  12. Euphy's post in Script about renting headgears a day. was marked as the answer   
  13. Euphy's post in Custom Poison Bottle? was marked as the answer   
    If you're testing on an admin account, they have this permission on by default:

    can_trade_bounded: true
  14. Euphy's post in Spawn in town when logging in was marked as the answer   
    Add a 'nosave' mapflag.

  15. Euphy's post in Headgear with custom effect was marked as the answer   
    See: H> How to add special effect, item specialeffect / effect
    We usually prefer the 'specialeffect' commands (in this case, Specialeffect2) to Misceffect to more visibly show that it's a player-based effect ('misceffect' will always check NPC data first). It doesn't make any practical improvements, but that's generally the standard.
  16. Euphy's post in apostrophes in sql-queries was marked as the answer   
  17. Euphy's post in Card exchanger.. anyone can do this for me? was marked as the answer   
    Here you go: c7e020a
  18. Euphy's post in disable homunculus on rest was marked as the answer   
  19. Euphy's post in Reached the maximum allowed number of entries was marked as the answer   
    In src/common/mmo.h:

    //Mercenary System #define MC_SKILLBASE 8201 #define MAX_MERCSKILL 40 #define MAX_MERCENARY_CLASS 61The one causing your error is "MAX_MERCENARY_CLASS".(And this is the correct section for your topic!)
  20. Euphy's post in Single player instance. was marked as the answer   
    Instances are attached to parties, so you can't create one without having a party.
    However, you can easily work around this: ensure that the player does not have a party before creating/entering the instance, and let the NPC create the party. Like this: [paste=1941ov47vbzx]
  21. Euphy's post in How to make "splendide" town as my maintown? setting it to @go 0? was marked as the answer   
    Read: @go
  22. Euphy's post in Understanding quest viarables? was marked as the answer   
    The '38' is just a standard variable value; different quests have different values when they are complete. There's no other way of doing this - the way you're going about this is correct.
  23. Euphy's post in Add more mobs to the quest_db was marked as the answer   
    It's easiest (and more efficient) if you just add multiple quests instead, and check if all are completed. That's how official servers always handle multiple-objective quests.
  24. Euphy's post in Warp to the GM was marked as the answer   
    prontera,150,150,1 script GM Tracker 101,{ [email protected]_name$ = "GM Untrustworthy";
    mes "Tracking: " + [email protected]_name$;
    [email protected] = select("Get coordinates.:Warp to GM.");
    if (!getcharid(0,[email protected]_name$)) {
    mes [email protected]_name$ + " is not online.";
    getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],0,[email protected]_name$);
    if ([email protected] == 1)
    mes sprintf("%s is at %s (%d,%d).",[email protected]_name$,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]);
    warp [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected];
  25. Euphy's post in how to know if the monster kill you or a human was marked as the answer   
    In src/common/mmo.h:

    #define START_ACCOUNT_NUM 2000000 #define END_ACCOUNT_NUM 100000000The 'killerrid' variable will be between the two game ID bounds (START_ACCOUNT_NUM and END_ACCOUNT_NUM) for players, and greater than END_ACCOUNT_NUM for mobs.
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