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File Name: @seeghp

File Submitter: Cainho

File Submitted: 26 Jun 2012

File Category: Source Modifications

Content Author: Rad

First Version by: Rad

Updated Version by: Cainho

Description: With this command you can view the HP of the players of the clan to which you belong.

Current Version: 1.1

Command: @seeghp

Click here to download this file

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i have a problem, when player 1 use @seeghp. the Player 2's HP will shown, but when the player 2 uses @warp, or @go the hp bar is gone in the screen of player 1. sorry for my bad english.

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Em 27/06/2012 às 11:27, Limestone disse:

Eu tenho um problema, quando o jogador 1 usa @seeghp. A HP do Player 2 é mostrada, mas quando o jogador 2 usa @warp, ou @go, a barra hp desapareceu na tela do jogador 1. Desculpe pelo meu mau inglês.

Além deste problema já relatado, um outro.
O HP através de um grupo, você necessita de usar o @refresh para atualizar uma mudança de HP do membro do clã.

@Edit Sorry, only after post that I saw the post was 2012

Edited by guhx
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