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Upgrade svn.


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Do you use Windows or Linux? Did you checkout the SVN yourself or did you download a compilation? (.rar of rAthena's files)

If you use linux, in terminal, cd to the folder of your RO location, then type "svn update"

If you use windows, in the folder you checked out the SVN, right click and there should be an option in the tortoisesvn menu to upgrade or so.

If you didn't checkout svn yourself, not really sure how you'd upgrade. Basically re-edit any source files you edited and rebuild, then move your NPC/conf folders over? Or re-do all the settings... *shrug*

Hope that info is of some use, good luck :D

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If you didn't checkout svn yourself, not really sure how you'd upgrade.

I know.

Checkout a clean r15725, or whatever you're using now. Copy all files from your server to that clean working copy. Some will get modified (like setting files, or source files if you did mods). Now you can update your working copy to newer revision and all settings/mods will stay there (few conflicts can show up though, and you'll have to resolve them by hand).

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Hi casteryee,

I suggest doing some research on the svn diff technique, if you are able to understand how to use that function properly; it'd be really easy to perform updates.

For example; if you have a heavily modified rAthena, you can diff out a patch for the differences against a clean version of the same revision number as your heavily modified version. Then get a clean version of the most current revision of rAthena, and apply the patches with that. Of course; you will need to edit some things to make it work, but there's a lot less work you have to do.

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Gepard, why r15725 but not latest revision? Is that any special about r15725?

Thanks Asura, I will do some hard works on it since I am new with Ragnarok pserver hosting.

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