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I'm starting a list with my scripts, PT-BR and EN

1- Slot Machine/Caça Níqueis

Simple slot machine game, but there's no animation, just the 'mes' window

PT-BR > http://code.google.com/p/ctscripts/downloads/detail?name=caça_níqueis_v1.0.4.txt

EN > http://code.google.com/p/ctscripts/downloads/detail?name=caça_níqueis_v1.0.4_EN.txt

2- Vip Discount/Desconto Vip

When you click, if you're a vip user, it call's a x shop, if not, y shop

PT-BR > http://code.google.c..._vip_v1.0.0.txt

EN > http://code.google.c..._vip_v1.0.0.txt

3- Login Event

On player login, it activades/deactivates some features.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...vent_v1.0.1.txt

EN > http://code.google.c...t_v1.0.1_EN.txt

4- Daily Login Prize/Premio Login Diário

There's not too much to explain

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...ario_v1.0.1.txt

EN > http://code.google.c...o_v1.0.1_EN.txt

5- Killing Titles

After x kills player gets a new title till gets pk

Pt-BR > http://code.google.c...tles_v1.0.4.txt

EN > http://code.google.com/p/ctscripts/downloads/detail?name=killing_titles_v1.0.5_EN.txt

6- GitBox Open

Opens git boxes.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...open_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating.

7- Upper/Upadora

Level up players

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...dora_v1.0.0.txt

EN > http://code.google.c...dora_v1.0.0.txt

8- BankItem/Banco Item

Same as common bank, but it's used by one item. (useless)

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...item_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating.

9- Missions/Missões

Player do missions for #pointsmis, that can be used in shops/quests etc... I didn't do the shops etc...

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...soes_v1.0.3.txt

EN > Translating.

10- Bomb Poring/Poring Bomba

Poring invading Izlude (simple, but requested by one 'friend')

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...ring_v1.0.2.txt

EN > Translating.

11- Item for VIPs/Item para VIPs

Check on login if a member have an item that is just for VIPs, and delete it if not vip and give it if vip & don't have.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c..._vip_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating. (just the conf is in PT-BR, if you want try googletranslate)

12- Merchant/Mercante

A merchant that buys/sells itens from players, depending on stock. ADM set what is sold/bought

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...ante_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating.

13- ZenyBet

Simple game, player bets X zeny and wins or loses it.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...ybet_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating.

14- Obb Open

Same as gift box open but with obbs.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...open_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating.

15- VIP Sistem/Sistema Vip

VIP sistem with control/free VIP/VIP seller/VIP Room warper

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...p_txt.1.0.1.txt

EN > Translating.

16- Floating Rates

Changes rates via pm to npc.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...ntes_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating. (just the explanation of how to use is in pt, translate with googletranslate if you want)

17- Drops Extra DB

You already know about it

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...radb.v1.0.1.txt

EN > http://code.google.c...radb.v1.0.1.txt

18- Carver/Entalhador

After quests gives a title to the player

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...ador_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating.

19- Antibot

Simple sistem of input x number.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...ibot_v1.0.0.txt

EN > Translating.

20- Merchant with price rate/Mercante com juros

Same as merchant, but as described, prices changes depending on stock.

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...uros_v1.0.3.txt

EN > Translating.

21- PlayersOnEvent/Evento Players On

When server gets X players on activates a mob spawn in some cities, all configured by adm

PT-BR > http://code.google.c...rson_v1.0.1.txt

EN > Translating.

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Posted · Hidden by Arcenciel, February 22, 2012 - Not in English.
Hidden by Arcenciel, February 22, 2012 - Not in English.

ótimos scripts, recomendo !

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I'm really lazy and I don't like translating, but when I have some time I'll translate.


Killing titles translated and added

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