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Compiling your Server in Linux Os

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Hello Everyone,

This time i will show you how to compile your server as easy as 1, 2, 3. now be sure you have putty.exe to log in your Linux Vps Hosting.

Be sure that you log in your user as Root then Root Password

after that, go to your svn's root folder. For Example:

cd /eathena , cd /home/ea

then type

chmod +x configure




make clean


make sql.

After that just restart your Server

./athena-start restart


Got Error? please reply ASAP!

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what if your folder isn't named eathena? Also I added this in my guide already.

What if the system is 64 bit?

What if you want to configure using txt or using mysql?

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isnt named eathena? well thats not my problem, i am just sharing my guide how to compile. and i think only few users using text server on their linux vps? :D

" i said, you need to go to your SVN's Folder "


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Isn't this included in my guide? Just asking. LOL

I like how you call it another guide when its already included in other guides. Either way typical peenoi attitude.

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