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Question about @inventorylist_card[].



I understand that @inventorylist_card1[] can scans if an item has a card on first slot.

So i did this :
    set [email protected],0;
    getinventorylist getcharid(0);
    while ( [email protected] < @inventorylist_count ) {
        for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < @inventorylist_count; [email protected]++ ){
           if (@inventorylist_card1[[email protected]] == 46105){ 
                dispbottom "foudnd";

           if (@inventorylist_card2[[email protected]] == 46105){
                dispbottom "item found";

Is it possible to equip (with *equip <item id>{,<char_id>};  ) the item where the card is compounded? or delitem it? Or we can only scans if there is the card compounded on an equipment?

I don't know how to return the id of this equipment.

Thank you

EDIT : i didn't tried @inventorylist_id[], i believed that i did...
Question answered.

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you can also use this to search for the card in a user inventory

*checkequipedcard(<card id>)

This function will return 1 if the card specified by its item ID number is
inserted into any equipment they have in their inventory, currently equipped or


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Thank's @Emistry.

Finally after checking i have a problem that even if card are setted not tradable, when they are compounded the item (equipment) is tradable so i didn't choose this way.

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